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The Elder Scrolls III: Wizards' Islands



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The Elder Scrolls III: Wizards' Islands

The Elder Scrolls III:

Wizards' Islands


by Robin Irvin

Table of Contents

Walkthrough History

Introduction (Original Readme)

Release and Installation Information
Official Update v.1.05 - June 20, 2005
System Requirements
Known Gameplay Issues
Specific Performance Issues
Unique Gameplay Features

Chapter 1: Scourge of the Frost Bringer Walkthrough

Chapter 2: The Isle of Storms Walkthrough (Coming Soon)

The Appendixes

Appendix A: Books

Appendix B: New Items

Appendix C: New Creatures

Appendix E: New Ingredients List

Appendix F: New Spells

Appendix G: Trainers

Appendix I: Other Tips, Tricks and Easter Eggs

Appendix J: The Music

Walkthrough History

v1.0 - May 31, 2005: First Release.
v1.01 - June 17, 2005: Faction Quests completed.
v1.05 - June 22, 2005: Updated with version 1.05 of Wizards' Islands.
Wizards' Islands - Chapter 1: Scourge of the Frost Bringer

Presented By Wizards' Alliance
Edits from the original Readme are in red


Intense and Epic Multiple-Paths Storyline between 20 and 30 hours.

Over 400 "Cell" Areas.

Over 3 Hours of music.

Tons of characters.

New creatures, items, spells (only for a boss creature atm.) weapons & armors.

And... more cool stuff.

Release and Installation Information For Version 1.0

Wizards' Alliance is proud to release Wizards' Islands, Scourge of the Frost Bringer. Almost 3 years of effort was necessary to achieve our plans, and it turned out very much as we had expected. While all quests are completed and fully implemented, we did leave some room for Wizards' Islands Official and other non-official Add-ons.

This is the first version released, so even if we did extensive testing, it is highly probable that users will find bugs in a few areas. If this is the case, you should report them on our forum at:

Our Website is located at:

For Installation, simply browse to your main Morrowind folder. After the installation, a program (Bsareg.exe) will ask you to register the Wizards_Islands archive inside the morrowind.ini. It is essential that you click on "Update" and then "OK" after the ini has been updated. Also, make sure you select the Wizards Island - Scourge of the Frost Bringer.ESM. You can do this by starting Morrowind Launcher and selecting Data files. If an errors occurs and the program does not work on your windows version, you can also update the morrowind.ini file located in the main Morrowind

folder by adding this line under [Archives] :

Archive 1=Wizards_Islands.bsa;

Number must be changed according to the number of registered archives.)

This is an example of how it should look if you installed Morrowind and Tribunal without any mods:


Archive 0=Tribunal.bsa

Archive 1=Wizards_Islands.bsa

Official Update v.1.05 - 20/06/2005

"You may NOT use any models from WI in your mod without our permission."

This updates contains the previous patches and additions.

Simply replace the old "Wizards_Islands_SotFB_Patch.esp" and uncheck the race add-ons when installing.


New "Ice Harpy" creatures, equipped with SonicWave spell (new effect) (Drain fatigue, magika and health) or a new "Chromatic Staff" (Fork type) Weapon.

Some Shadow Goblins now have the Ice Flurry spell (new spell effect) (Frost Damage)

New "Goblin Chieftain Sword"

Draken and Tyla'Kah Playable Races for new games.

Updated the "Wizards' Island ReadMe.pdf" with the Darger's Island Map.


Fixed some spelling mistakes (usualy "i" to "I" and "-" to ","

Lowered Wyverns health by nearly half.

Lowered Wasp Aggressivity on Darger's Island.

Removed Script on Daroth's Door in cell "wi shadowfrost mine cult sanctuary".

Fixed Missing Wall in cell "wi Iccad, Cult Hideout".

System Requirements

Software: W.I. Requires both Morrowind & Tribunal expansion pack, not Bloodmoon.
Recommended Hardware & Setup :
Pentium 3, 1.6 ghz or better
Video card with at least 64 megs of ram
784 megs of ram (with 512 megs or less, transitions are slow between outdoor and indoor)

For a better image quality we recommend setting anisotropic filtering and Antialiasing.
You can expect a framerate about half the one your system can give in Morrowind in most areas. This is due to our high-resolution textures, almost always 512x512 and above.

Known Gameplay Issues

Using the console will screw up the game, journals might not get activated and cheating will diminish fun factor.

The mod replaces the traditional Morrowind title theme in the special folder. While I feel the new one we did is much better (it is simply a remix of the original theme), back up your old one to keep it around if you want to change it. [Update] The original theme is duplicated in the EXPLORE subdirectory. Wizard's Island does not replace this copy so you do not need to back it up.

For best experience, it is recommended you avoid the use of a lot of other mods in addition to WI. WI is very intensive, and even the most high-end computers can struggle at times.

For best experience, use only the WI music in addition to traditional MW themes. Meaning we don't suggest the use of other music mods with WI. We have constructed many hours of additional music, in both explore and scripting instances. They are designed to fit with the winter feel of the mod, and using some lord of the rings soundtrack may not be the best thing suited. Removing any of these music tracks will cause scripting errors in your game potentially crashing it.

The mod upgrades textures in traditional MW world in some areas. However it is stored in the BSA archive not overwriting traditional textures.

You cannot leave WI once you arrive. Leaving will screw up the mod a good deal. We have multiple scripts using simply day/night and whether you are outdoors or not as conditions. Being in MW region will not be differentiated. Without cheating, there is no way to leave the island. Once you complete the main quest you will be able to return to MW and back to WI at your own will. After a certain point in the main quest you cannot complete most of the side quests available. However upon full completion of main quest you will have option of restoring the mod.

If you are experiencing crashes or any severe bugs, it is because of mod compatibility issues. The mod has been extensively tested on multiple computers with MW and it's two expansion packs. We do not guarantee WI to work with any 3rd party mod. It has been in development for most of MW's life cycle, and so it would be impossible to constantly change and test things in comparison to the tons of other mods released. But we do guarantee that it does work correctly with the appropriate computer requirements with MW and it's expansions. SAVE OFTEN! Preferably every time you enter an interior cell or before you exit an interior cell. This game crashes often on me and backtracking two hours worth of stuff is not fun. Really, you should know this by now anyway.

The snow can sometimes get in the way of activating items. Wait and move around slightly to find an open spot between the snow mesh. This also affects combat a good deal. In blizzards it is much harder to hit an enemy and is probably best to avoid them at times.

Having a high bounty can cause NPCs not to speak with you. Try and get it resolved before attempting quests. We did not design the mod in terms of this aspect.

The mod has many statics and meshes not used in game, probably for reasons involving either time or we just had no use for them, but had use for items out of the set they were included in. So by all means use those meshes for your own mods and think of it as a modder's resource.

An unknown error relating to the Bloodmoon and Tribunal file versions 1.2 and 1.3 causes our music scripts to not properly reset upon entrance to a cell. The bug seems to be somewhat random, but for the most part if you don't have Bloodmoon installed and patched and you aren't using the WI file version 1.3 you will encounter this bug.

The game will crash if you get arrested in the Draken City and choose to go in prison. There is nothing we can do about it at the moment. The prison marker does work in Wintervale.

Sometimes there can be problems with scripts using timers, keeping autosave enabled is strongly recommended. SAVE OFTEN!

Specific Performance Issues

One of the features which will drain the most of your system's CPU is our snow and snowstorm effect. You can disable for a few game hours the thoses effect by typing the following commands in the console :
stopscript snow_generator_script
stopscript snow_storm_generator_script
The effects will start again a few hours later, triggered by the weather control script.

In towns and forest areas you might have to lower the view distance.

Sometimes changing to a lower screen resolution and then returning to the previous resolution gives a performance boost. This is probably the cause of a video card memory-swapping issue.

Using software audio mode may solve any issues you may experience with sound distortion.

Also, Morrowind FPS optimiser is extremely recommended, you can get it at :

Unique Gameplay Features

You must be prepared to suffer weather damage in Wizards' Islands.

Nights are so cold that it is impossible to sleep outside, and you must seek shelter to sleep.

The island is cursed by a powerful wizard, and it is impossible to fly in exterior areas.

The rest is up to you to find out...

Wizards' Alliance Team.

All Wizards' Islands Rights Are Reserved.


Xill, alias Pionata -
Mod Main Designer, Team Leader
Main Quest
Towns, structures, flora and decorations placement
Splash Screen Art
Landscape, Wintervale houses, trees, Wintervale interior tileset (tavern)
and misc.
Main Overall Story for Winter Island
Wintervale Interiors
Dungeons Cells
Music :
Exteriors: WindPrayer
Interiors: Tavern, Cathedral1, Cathedral2, CastleHarpsichord
Dungeons: Doubledungeon - Vertige, WIdoubledungeon - Stress, Underwater
Ruin, Fear
Battle: Mages Battle
Arrangments: Morrowind Title

Main and only Tester, Bug Fixer
Main Quest

Moonkic -
Main Quests
Draken Town Interiors
Dungeons Interiors

Gimli -
Wintervale Interiors
Dungeons Interiors
Landscape Cells
Landscape for Chapter II

Big Chief -
Main Quests
Main Quests Scripting

intelligentsia -
Marksman Mod Integration
Main Texturer
Npcs, creatures, weapons, Naz armors and misc
Casting Techniques
Creature Behaviour Scripts and SoundFX
General Weapons/Armors editing, design and scripting
Winter Island History and Draken lore/design
Splash Screen Art
Web Site Design
Music :
Miscellanea: Winter Isle Themes I, II, III
Interior: Bowyer I + II, Draken Hall of Mirrors , Draken House, Idyllic
Interior, Inner Castle - Dungeon, Inner Castle Nocturne, Spooky Interior,
Wintervale Armorer, Wintervale Cellar, Wintervale Houses, Wintervale Market,
Wintervale Town Hall
Dungeons: Daedra, Ice Caverns I and II, Shadowfrost Miner's Town,
Shadowfrost Caverns, Shadowfrost Cult, Shadowfrost Mystery, Shadowfrost
Exterior: Castle Nocturne, Castle Day, Exposed, Heroic Theme I and II,
Heroic Incidental, Icefields I and II, Lonely, Macabre, Winding Road
Towns: Draken Day, Nocturne, Wintervale Dawn, Dawn, Dusk, Nocturne
Battle: Banshee Battle, Battle Chorale, Dance of the Dead, Dragon Battle,
Epic Battle, Ice Cavern Battle, Shadowfrost Battle
Incidental: Weapon of Evil, Weapon of Holiness Incidental, Success
Incidental, Morbid Incidental, Tension Incidental, Pre Battle Incidental,
Ged Incidental, Sauriel Incidental
Arrangements: Morrowind Triumph, Daggerfall Snow, Daggerfall Swimming,
Daggerfall Mysterious, Daggerfall Dramatic

FlyTsi -
Modeler, Architerctures, Draken Town, Cathedral
Installshield Wizard

Zyndaar -
Goblins' Tileset, Ice Caves Tileset, Mage Tower, Weapons
Caves for Ice Tileset, Trees
Dungeons Cells

Captain Zaltan - ghonnorea
Creatures Models and Creatures Animations

Vincent -
Armors Texturing
Team Relationist

Jesus Freak -
Voice Acting

Myk -
Creatures Models
Armors Models, Weapon Model


Wave Existence
Architecture Models

Auz Erekose
Concept Art


Story Elements

And other important team members :
Lady Eternity
Khalazza productions
And everyone else in the Morrowind community who helped us in our creation.

Chapter 1:

Scourge of the Frost Bringer

Section Contents

Beginning Scourge of the Frost Bringer

Assisting Lord Darger

Darger's Manor

Ebony Mine

Hunting Darger's Staff

Teleporter Cave

Main Quest

A Question of Loyalty

Aiding the Western Gate

Wintervale's Troubles

The Faction Quests

Collecting For the Fighters

The Naz Prisoner

Protect Milt Olsen

Finding the Thieves Guild

Freeing Draest

To Buy From Thieves.

Package Retrieval

Finding the Goblet

A Wealthy Individual

Two Worlds Collide

The Bandit Cave

The Blood Lord

Miscellaneous Quests


Collecting Souls (Traveling Merchant)

Getting High

Amadeus' Fat Lute

Helping a Sick Lady

Wintervale's Tax Collector

Selling Some Shares

A Hungry Guard

Spider Parts (Graekith's Shop)

Hunting at Night (Weapon Shop)

The Diamond Mine

South of the Cathedral

Slaying a Necromancer (Meldria's House)

Revenge on Xoduz (Dercas, Tavern Basement)

West of Wintervale

Hunting Some Crabs (Theseus Kiltharn)

The Cold Hands' Inn

Hiring Companions (Romulous True)

West of Cold Hands' Inn

Helping Fluffy

Official Add-ons (TBA)

Chapter 1:

Beginning Scourge of the Frost Bringer

Darger's Request

Notes: Do not fly to the new island. do not swim, or jump to the new island. If you go there by yourself you will cause script errors and screw everything up. Yes, the island is partially cut off of the map. That is a programming problem in Elder Scrolls III itself (this is actually what the programmers at Bethesda said) so the fantastic people who created this mod could not fix it.

To begin Wizards' Islands: Chapter 1 - Scourge of the Frost Bringer you only need to sleep for the maximum the slider will go. Setting this number of hours obviously activates a script to counter the Dark Brotherhood Attack for Tribunal. You will be awoken by the Spirit of Mage Darger. He's not a ghost but a projection of himself from his manor. He needs certain materials from Vvardenfell he cannot obtain from the island he resides on. He requires an Enriched Diamond and the only person who has them is a man named Christof. Once upon a time Darger and Christof were pals, but that friendship went sour and Darger needs you to get the Diamond from Christof.

You'll find Christof in Tel Branora standing on the bridge leading to the Tower just like Darger tells you. Purchase the Diamond from Christof for 5000 septims. This diamond is almost identical to a normal diamond except the first property is Paralyze instead of Drain Agility.

Once you have the Enriched Diamond you will find Darger waiting for you on the east side of the island north of Tel Branora (the same island Kumarahaz is located). There he will invite you to visit him on his secret island. Rest or come back at 11pm and a ship will be here. Talk to Captain Calyn, the skeleton, and he will give you the Ghost Ship Key.

The ship isn't very grand. The cabin contains a little gold. Down below you will be treated to the beginning of several scripted scene transitions. Head over to your bed and the scene will fade.

You will wake to the ship sinking and everyone gone. Head up to the top deck and get off the boat before it sinks. Swim directly west of the ship until you find a large closet. The scene will fade again and you will wake up three days later (according to the text, but if you look at your journal no time has actually transpired) on the Wizard's Secret Island.

Wizard's Secret Island

The Wizard's Secret Island is very detailed compared to most other places I've seen. The dense forest in the center of the island is home to several new creatures you will encounter only here.

On the Secret Island you'll find the Wizard's Manor on the East side of the island. To get there follow the southern beach where you awoke to the east until you find the river. Follow it northeast. When the edge of the river make a sharp left turn you will want to make a sharp right turn and cross the river. Head directly east and you'll come to a large bridge. Cross it and witness the death of Darger. Once Sauriel and Grymward have left you can take Darger's belongings and then enter his manor.

In his bedroom there's a closet with lock 100 pts. The key is under the napkin on the table at the opposite end of the bedroom. There is also a Cavern Complex Key under the pillow on the bed. Behind the closet is a secret room (the closet will rotate and just pass through the wall). You'll find the key to the Ebony Mine.

In the basement of the manor you'll find few goodies for the Marksman type (these are the rewards Darger is referring to). There's a Dusty Rug on the floor of the basement. Activate it to move it and enter the Hidden Basement. Here you will find what seems to be a teleporter. this is not the one you're looking for. You can read the progress note and his journal for more information. Now you know what you're supposed to do to get off the island: Retrieve the stolen staff and get a piece of Enriched Ebony for the teleporter.

Ebony Mine

The first item we need to get is the "something" that will store the power for the teleporter. Maybe a large chunk of ebony will do the trick. The Ebony mine is directly south of the manor. Inside collect at least 12 pieces of ebony wherever you can and head to the last room. There's a device here. Activate it and the 12 pieces of ebony will combine into one Ebony Hybrid. Now, that is the "something" you need.

Hunting Darger's Staff

Now for the staff. On the western shore of the island is a waterfall. The mountain it's falling from... search it's eastern side and you'll find a cavern door. It's behind some vegetation so look closely at your map cause you might miss it. This is the Wizard's Lair. Inside you'll find no problems until you reach the Maze of the Doomed. Here you cannot levitate over the maze.

It's not a complicated maze. To the right of the staircase are a few chests and dead corpses with arrows and other goodies. To the left is the real path. When you find yourself trapped between gates you have to kill the Soulsuckers. Take the Elixer of Far Reach from them. Look up. Very nearby you should see skulls grouped together. ONE of them has a black cross on it. Use the elixer or any telekinesis spell to activate the skull. This will open the gates and allow you to progress. There were three or four of these traps.

Once you reach the Lair you'll find Darger's Staff of Electric Discharge. This is the staff you are looking for. Going back you'll find that levitation has returned so you don't have to walk all the way through the maze.

Teleporter Cave

To finally get to the main island travel directly north of the Manor. There is a VERY tall mountain on the northeast corner of the island. You'll have to levitate about half way up to the cave door.

Enter the door and immediately save! This is the point of no return. You cannot go back to Vvardenfell until after you have completed Wizard's Islands. Doing so with Recall or the Command Consol can and will result in script errors. Drop down to the bottom of the cave and when you reach the teleporter just activate it. You don't have to have anything in your hands, just need the Ebony Hybrid and the Staff in your inventory. SAVE BEFORE ACTIVATING THE TELEPORTER. Note: You may want to keep this save file as a backup just in case you screw up later in the game.

Where's the teleporter you ask. good question. If you traveled underwater and killed Memphre you went the wrong way. Go back to the intersection. Take the north tunnel. Before you get in the water to cross to the corpse and the chest look to your left. There's another tunnel. Head that way and you'll eventually reach the teleporter room.

Now enjoy this very well constructed cinema scene. It's not a video, but ingame! Kudos goes out to Xill for putting this together. He interconnected multiple scripts to achieve all the movements and effects. The dude you see through the haze. don't ask, you don't want to know who he is right now. Just trust me that you'll see him later and it's really not a good thing.

Now you are on the main island... However, you'll succumb to the burns you suffer from the teleporter and pass out. eventually to awaken in Illiasset Maraie's Infirmary. You can get through the dialog by clicking the "." (three periods) in red in the conversation box. It's are hard to see, but it's there.

Once you leave the Infirmary you are only steps from Wintervale. When you enter the gate the Naz Guard will automatically speak to you. Ask him the multitude of questions to get information on where to go next. From here you can pick up the Main Quest by heading for the Mayor's Office, the Faction Quests by checking out the Fighters Guild, or partake in the many Miscellaneous Quests throughout the town.

Main Quest

Head on into the Mayor's Office. Inside the lobby on the left is the door to the Mayor himself. Try opening it. You'll be given the message that the Lt. Bane and Sgt. Theliador must first gain your trust before letting you speak to the Mayor. This does not include the Mayor's Assistant. Her Miscellaneous Quest does not have to be performed to gain access to the Mayor.

A Question of Loyalty

Let us begin with Lt. Sarik Bane. He wants you to find out the true intentions of one of his soldiers. He thinks a Khajit by the name of Baron Von Murphenheim may desert the city. You are to find him at the pub and ask him want he is planning to do. You will find him at the far end of the Tavern. He'll offer you 2000 gold to meet him at the Northern Gates and help him escape.

If you do go to the Northern Gates and happen to have a key to get through the gate you will find a note left by the Baron with regards to you and sadly, no 2000 gold.

Don't side with the Baron and head back to Bane with the information. You will be rewarded with the Badge of Loyalty.

Aiding the Western Gate

Sgt. Balric Theliador gives you 300 gold and sends you to the Fletcher to buy arrows to restock the western towers. Speak to Vhaleryan Navar in the Marksman's shop and she'll just give you the two bundles of Naz Arrows and not take any money from you. Head on over to the western gate and climb up each of the two towers and speak to the Naz Archer standing on top. You'll give each of them a bundle of arrows. When you've given the second bundle away you'll receive the Black Arrow of the Naz in return.

The moment you get back to the Mayor's Office the Sergeant will send you back to the gates to help defend against an attack. An Apparation of Grymward will attack you on sight once you reach the western gates. Take his Steel Vipermauler once he's dead. The three Ash Zombies will be a piece of cake to take out next.

The Helm of Valor will be your prize once you've gotten back to the Sergeant.

Wintervale's Troubles

Once you've complete these two quests you will be able to open the door to the Mayor's Office. If however you failed to report back to Bane or you haven't done these two quests you can still gain access to the Mayor's Office by lockpicking the door behind the Mayor's Assistant.

The Mayor believes the source that plagues their town is in the Crypt. He sent three soldiers to investigate but they have not returned. So guess where you get to go? Inside the Crypt you will meet one soldier who seems to be more scared of death than the other two soldiers were. Speak to him a second time and he'll tell you where to look once you get down the stairs. Enter the wall from the west side and decend into the Crypt Main Hall.

Crypt Main Hall. To your left is the West Wing and to your right is the East Wing. At the far end beyond the Zombies is the Bural Vault with a 100-pt lock. Obviously we need to find the key to this door. So pick one of the previous doors.

West Wing. Continue down the long halls and through the cell doors until you reach King Kurra, a rather large zombie. He has the Cremation Key 2. Do not enter the Northern Crypt Main Hall Door. This is actually another section of the Hall you will visit after the East Wing.

East Wing. Queen Yehma inhabits this section of the Crypt. Once you find her take the Cremation Key 1 from her body.

Crypt Main Hall (Lower). Now you can take the Norther Crypt Main Hall door. This leads to a portion of the Main Hall that is underneath where you were before. Remember, you descended stairs when you entered the West and East Wings. Here there is a door that the Cremation Key 1 will open. The hallway that follows will lead to the Crypt Cremation Furnace. Cremation Key 2 will open this door.

Crypt Cremation Furnace. and it's a long way down a flight of stairs. Hang a left and you'll get to take on the Spirit of Saint Edgar, and two Black Reapers. A Skeletal Lord with the Cremation Key 3 awaits you in the next room. Head down the next flight of long stairs and once you move close enough to the giant furnace a Monstrous Spider Daedra will appear behind you. After defeating her head on over to the furnace. The chest in front of you is locked, but the mummy to the left conveniently has a Spider Key to unlock it. A Lich will appear to defend the key. Inside the chest is the Burial Vault Key and some potions. Inside the fire the corpse on the left has a Soulpinch Charm.

Crypt Burial Vault. A Lich Lord will greet you at the top of the stairs. After putting him to rest take his Necromancer's Staff. Sauriel stands before you. Start up the dialog with her and then kill her sorry ass. Make sure to take the Illegible Parchment from her lifeless corpse and take it back to the Mayor.

You'll receive 500 gold reward. But the Crypt is not the true source of the evil plaguing the town. The Mayor will not be able to read the parchment you brought back so he'll send you to the head of the Cathedral. Take the Parchment to the Arch-Bishop of the Cathedral. He says it's orders to amass an undead army. But who and where this leader of the cult is located it does not say. The rest of the Parchment he won't be able to translate, but will know of another person who can help. Pashtuul, the Librarian, knows many languages. However, he has been imprisoned. So go to the jail and speak to him about the Parchment.

Unfortunately, the guards won't let you in without Lt. Bane's permission. Lt. Bane says you need the Mayor's permission. So finally with The Mayor's permission and a teacher's note from Lt. Bane to leave the classroom head back to the Prison to speak to Pashtuul.

In short Pashtuul will ask you to get his journals from his bookstore before telling you what the Parchment says. It's the proof he's innocent. The keeper of the bookstore says Pashtuul must have burned all his journals before he was captured. So this may seem like a dead end. Speak to Pashtuul about it and he'll realize the Cultists have infiltrated his bookstore and none of his journals are safe. Get back to the Bookstore and take out Uwe Jehrokahn. With him dead go back again to Pashtuul. He'll tell you Dulienne at the Cathedral, the only person who understands Pashtuul is innocent, might be able to help out. You'll find Dulienne at the center of the Cathedral standing closest to the Arch-Bishop's alter.

She'll help you only if you help perform an exorcism on one of her acolytes. Kill the demon and speak to Dulienne again. Syranor, one of the other priests, has fled out the south door. Follow him outside. Look to your right and you'll see him standing at the edge of the cliff. Tell him you can help him and eventually he will decide to return to the Cathedral.

If you persuade him to jump then. I dunno I didn't do that version yet.

Dulienne will tell you to speak to Samah. He'll tell you the Cult is in Shadowfrost Mine and that you'll need a robe to protect yourself. He hid his robe in the basement and says you can have it. You'll find it in the fourth barrel on the left on the northeast corner of the center shrine area. Samah also mentioned something about a bridge and an icy lake.

Glip the Illusionist - Misc Quest ???

The Faction Quests

Unlike the guilds in Morrowind you don't actually join any of them in Wizard's Islands to complete their quests. Instead you will simply help out the three faction leaders solve their internal problems. You'll start the quests by speaking to Vaelin Alakor. Mention "walk the night" and he'll ask you if you're scared. Either way you answer this begins the first Fighters Guild quest.

There is a story that will be revealed to you as you progress through these quests that links all three guilds together. This is the "why" you're doing these things for the guilds. I'll only get into "what" you need to do (and maybe include the "why" in a later version of the walkthrough).

Collecting For the Fighters

Obviously the Fighters Guild protects the city and must be paid in return. The Naz soldiers are more concerned with honor, duty and loyalty and most of the time it gets bought. Everyone's a businessman, and it's your turn to be one too. A few noble townsfolk have forgotten recently that they owe their dues to the Fighters Guild. Time to hit them up for the ol' dough. Collect money from Graekith and Minar.

First is Graekith Longtooth, the Alchemist. He's just to the northwest of the guild and he'll not have anything to give you. But with a little pressure you can get him to pay 750 gold. Don't go too far, if he attacks you the guard will be all over you and a 1000 gold bounty will be on your head. and you haven't been in this town a whole day.

Minar Arezynne, the Mage Equipment owner, is located on the north end of the center of town. You'll find her to have no money at all. She'll only give you a Flameeater Robe. So that's it. Go back to Vaelin and give him what he's been given. Sadly, you won't receive any compensation for your efforts. But, perhaps another job will offer a reward.

The Escaped Prisoner

Vaelin Alakor sends you to speak with the guild leader, Menalos Scretan. Menalos informs you a prisoner has escaped and is hiding in the wilderness west of Wintervale. You're job is to find him and kill him. Seems easy enough. However, because of the frigid temperatures in the outdoors it is recommended you have healing potions or a spell to keep you from dieing. Once you're prepared for the cold head out the West Gate and follow the canyon north through the Forest. Take the wooden ramp over the mountains and once you've entered the Ice Forest head to the large lake in the northwest corner. Just to the south of that lake you will find the prisoner. Don't worry about his exact location. once he sees you he'll attack on sight.

Note: If you're trying to collect souls for the Traveling Merchant you'll receive 1 Thief's Soul for killing the Escaped Prisoner.

Now that he's dead you can go back to Menalos and get 500 gold (strangely the other 500 gold goes to the other fighters who didn't partake in this little excursion).

Protect Milt Olsen

You're next task is to protect a wealthy noble named Milt Olsen. He has been given information that he will be assassinated tonight. You'll find him in the Center Market. Once you start a conversation about his protection he will be attacked by two assassins. Take them out and you will receive 4000 gold from Menalos for your service.

Finding the Thieves Guild

In progression of the guilds' back story you are to infiltrate and inquire about things in the Thieves Guild. However, Menalos doesn't have any idea where the Guild resides. His only suggestion is to ask around outside the tavern. Unfortunately you're not going to get anyone to open up and spill the beans about the whereabouts of the guild. Talk to Maximillian about "disappearances" and he'll get you started on a venture that doesn't seem to coincide with finding out where the guild is.

Freeing Draest

Draest has been falsely accused of murdering someone. Some members of the guild (hint, hint) Maximillian is a member of respect the law while the Naz occupy Wintervale. Max calls the shots in the guild and is currently playing nice. He wants your help getting Draest acquitted of the crime and released from prison. Talk to Drizz (standing a few feet away from Max) about what he's seen and then take the proof to Lt. Bane in the Mayor's Office.

Drizz Sevakof really wants to break Draest out of jail, but some properly chosen dialog will change his mind. So Drizz is no help. Talk to Max again and he'll direct you to the tavern and other beggars around town to see if anyone saw something during the night. Huukvart Gilnus will tell you Draest came in that night and looked pretty beaten up. He says Lankvhar's daughter ran off with Draest. Lankvhar went out searching for her last night and today. She's not the only one missing either. Atreius Secondus, the Mayor's Aide, has been missing for a few days now. Also, an outlander was here yesterday but he's gone out into the wilderness.

Now to find the begger. located on the north side of Legallith's Weapons and Armor shop you'll find Ssleevik Culban. He'll tell you about the aide leaving the Brothel and drop a piece of paper on his way to the Crypt. He says Atreius went into the Crypt but never came out, so Draest couldn't have done killed him.

You now have two witnesses that Draest isn't a murderer. Max will send you to Sgt. Balric in the Mayor's Office. Balric will release Draest to keep the peace between the three guilds. Report back to Max and he'll tell you he's sworn an oath not to reveal the location of the Thieves Guild. However, someone at Cold Hands' Inn may spill the beans. Cold Hands' Inn is located in the southeast part of the Ice Forest. Head out there and once you've descended the wooden ramp into the Ice Forest just head south.

To Buy From Thieves.

Judith is the person to talk to at the Cold Hands' Inn to get the location of the Thieves Guild. She tells you it is in the basement of the Tavern. dang, you were so close the entire time. She also has a key, and is willing to sell it to you for 1000 gold. Go ahead, you should have the money to spare.

Once you make it back to Wintervale head into the basement of the Tavern. Of the three doors it's the Reinforced Wooden Door on the left. Open it and notice the pile of pillows on the floor. Bingo. Head on down. Inside the guild you'll meet a Drunk Thief. don't mind him, he's just a little crazy. The guild leader, Sethe, doesn't have much for you at this point. Behind the screens is an Informant. You'll get an Arcane Key from him.

Talk to Menalos back at the Fighter's Guild. He'll look at the key and send you to Drymind of the Mage's Guild to figure out what the key is for. You'll find the Mage's Guild at the top of the long ramp behind the Tavern. Climb the stairs inside the tower and in the main room you'll find Drymind in the northwest corner. He'll tell you the engravings on the key are letters and "R" and "C" are clearly visible.

Return to Menalos and he'll have one more task for you. A fighter and a mage are arguing at the Western Gate. You are to calm them down before something happens. You'll find the two outside the gate. Talk to either one first. Once you've realized there's no way to get them to stop arguing you'll basically give up and head back to Menalos for a 1000 gold reward for your troubles.

Package Retrieval

Sethe, in the Thieves Guild, has an errand for you to run. Get a package from Huukvart upstairs for him. Why he can't go upstairs himself is beyond me, but he seems to think the tavern is further away than it really is. You'll be given 200 gold for the package but Huukvart will charge you 400 so make sure you have the extra money. Once you've delivered the package Sethe will give you 1200 gold anyway.

Finding the Goblet

Your next task for the Thieves Guild is to steal a goblet. Sethe tells you the location of the goblet is inside Raebyrne's Cathedral. To get to the Cathedral head into the Mages Guild.

If you are entering the Mages Guild for the first time you will automatically enter a dialog with Alis Galiera at the top of the tower staircase. You'll tell her that Darger has died. She'll hint at the matters of the Guild and the attacks on the town at night. After that she'll leave you be.

Enter the Naz Temple and follow the long winding hallway to the teleporter room. Here you can take the teleporter straight into the Cathedral's Great Hall or take the door into the Monk's Praying Lobby out into Wintervale East Cliffs and up the hill to the Cathedral.

Either way you will notice the insane size of the Cathedral. Nowhere on the main floor will you find the goblet. The only other place it could be in the basement. Here on an alter you will find what you're looking for.

A Wealthy Individual

Satanis Fellins accidentally killed his lover, Joana Dohs, and wants you to retrieve the knife he used from her house. You'll find Joana Dohs house just east of the Crypt. Once you enter the house you'll notice something tragic happened here. There's blood on the bed, nothing in the chest or barrels. so where's the body and the knife? Check the cellar to the left of the fireplace. Okay. these people are freaks! You'll find Joana laying dead and the dagger amongst a bunch of mummies.

Take the dagger back to Satanis and he'll reveal it is his house and he lured her there. You'll get the 5000 gold reward from him no matter what you say to him. Anyway, time to move on from this guy.

Two Worlds Collide

There's an attack in the thieves guild by some mages outside the Cold Hands' Inn. Get over there quickly and take out any mages that are still left. Two mages will appear in sequence as you fight them. Once you've killed the Mage Elite Commander the battle will be over.

Sethe will believe this is the doing of the Mages Guild. However, Drymind will tell you they have nothing to do with it. Rogue Mages seem to be the cause of the Fighters and Mages Guild leaders deaths. Return to Sethe for another Arcane Key and then Menalos. Take the second Arcane Key to Drymind. He'll put the engravings together and reveal these may have something to do with the Daedric ruins west of Wintervale.

Drymind will give you the task of finding the hideout of the Rogue Mages. He thinks they are in the Crypt. Head over there and on the bottom floor if the first section a new trap door will appear. You'll meet the Master Mage. He knows the attack of the Thieves Guild was foiled but doesn't realize until the end of the conversation that it was you who stopped them. Continue killing all the Zombie Children until the Ancient Zombie appears. Once he's dead the Master Mage will attack.

After that long battle return to Drymind to be told to speak to the Thieves Guild Informant. The Informant knows the real location of the Rogue Mages but he's possessed by some magical force, turned undead, and eventually killed by you. Sethe will insist you find and destroy the Blood Lord. Talk to Drymind again and he'll give you potions in preparation for the search for the Rogue Mages real hideout. Unfortunately, he doesn't have any idea where it is. Here's the quick answer.

The Bandit Cave

There are two ways to get to the cave. From the Cold Hands' Inn travel south and about half way up Death Peak. Once the trail reaches the east face of the peak and makes a sharp u-turn drop off the side of the peak into the valley. Head south along the east side of the peak and you'll find the entrance to a Bandit Cave.

Note: Fredrick, Herdas, Grimit, Delistol, and Pedro will each give you Thief Souls for killing them. So you'll want to search the entire bandit cave before entering Hut #4.

Follow the cave until you reach Hut #4. Look under the bed inside and you'll find a trap door to the Mage's Hideout. You'll meet another Master Mage and this time he'll challenge you to answer 6 questions for 5000 gold before telling you anything you want to know. The trick is to speak to all the floating mummies above the fires and get their "stories" before getting the questions from the Master Mage. Once you've answered all of her questions she'll attack you. Kill her and take the Arcane Stone located near the top of the spire that appears where the Master Mage was standing.

Take the Arcane Stone back to Drymind and he'll combine it with the two Arcane Keys to make one key to the Daedric City Ruins.

The Blood Lord

Head out to Cold Hands' Inn. From here go southwest through the Plains. You should pass a Distraught Herder. Once you reach the Daedric City head over to the southwest corner. Here you will battle an Ancient Lykkal'hyst. a big red dragon. Once it's dead enter the Daedric City Underground.

Inside the Daedric City Underground follow the steps down to the bottom. Head south into the main hall. Continue south up the stairs to the Living Quarters. If you want to make this quick levitate over the ice behind the statue. Otherwise you'll get to walk through a bunch of hallways and rooms to get to the other side. This may help as there are several Dremoras to kill and pillage. On the other side of the ice wall you'll find a door to the Cavern.

Head north and you'll find a 100-point locked door to the Bazaar. You could lockpick it if you've got the right equipment or spell or you can find Xzorsh the Radient, a named Golden Saint. She has the key to open the door.

Go through the Bazaar to School of Magic to the Portal Room. Now you have choices to make. Doesn't really matter which order you do the first two. One room will take you to the Glacier Cavern where you will have to kill Permafrost for the Ice Key. In the other room is a teleporter to the Fire Pit to battle Brizzax the Malignant for the Fire Key. You will need both of these keys to enter the third teleporter in the Portal Room that takes you to Blood Lord's Quarters.

The end is near. for the Blood Lord I hope and not for you. You will battle two zombies over and over. and they get bigger each round. Once they are all dead kill the Blood Lord and congratulations, it's all over. now you get to walk ALL THE WAY back to town unless you have the Mark and Recall spells. Wizard's Islands automatically marked the location just outside of Wintervale and I hope you haven't changed it. Don't forget to take the Blood Lord's complete set of armor and the Festering Skillcap while you're there.

Finally, you get your rewards. Emblems from each of the three guilds. Wear them with pride by friend, you earned them.

Miscellaneous Quests

Completed Quests are in Black, Uncompleted Quests are in Blue, and Unique Item locations are in Red


Collecting Souls

Outside town just after you wake up on the island you'll find a Traveling Merchant. Talk to him and he'll challenge you to collect 30 souls from around the island. There are 10 souls for Warriors, Thieves, and Mages each. He'll buy them from you in increments of 1, 5, 7, and 10. However, if you present him with all ten souls from a group at one time he'll reward you with more than just gold. Here's the breakdown of where to find them.

Warrior's Souls:



Thief's Souls:

Escaped Prisoner

Fredrick (Bandit Cave)

Herdas (Bandit Cave)

Grimit (Bandit Cave)

Delistol (Bandit Cave)

Pedro (Bandit Cave)

Mage's Souls:



This will take you through most of the game to get all the souls. (As of yet I obviously have not completed this quest, thus I don't know what the three pendants are.)

He also explains a little bit about the island. There's no way to levitate off the island, so you're stuck here until you complete the Main Quest. He'll also tell you that wondering in the cold will actually do damage over time, like a poison. Don't try to unlock the chest behind him. Even with a Open 100-pts spell, it's scripted to remain closed.

Getting High

When you first enter Wintervale and go down the hill from the gates enter the first house. Arazanos's House. Talk to him and he'll offer you some herbs. Take them and enjoy a "dream world that was all too real." It's only two rooms so it won't take long killing all the bad guys you encounter.

Amadeus' Fat Lute

Amadeus lives in Wintervale. He cursed himself will a strange potion and now he has big ears. He has nothing more to do than spend the rest of his life composing music. You are to find. err. steal him a Fat Lute. The "Fat" Lute is located in Alider's House, north of Amadeus' house. Three people occupy this house and stealing it is going to be difficult for someone without Chameleon and Invisibility. If you speak to Alider and tell him you are looking for valuable goods he will attack you. The other two will not do much else but give you little information about the layout of the island. You'll be rewarded with a Book of Various Spells for finding the lute.

Elven Smith's House

You'll find several Exquisite pieces of clothing in the closet for your enchanting purposes. On the hutch you'll find Surefeet.

Lira's House

These two are. practicing unarmored combat. It would be wise to leave them be. Rated PG-13 for brief adult situations.

Helping a Sick Lady

Larka Yurol is very ill. She'll ask you to go to the Cathedral and see the High Priest Neroh. If you use the teleporter in the Mages Guild to get into the Cathedral you will be standing right next to the priest. He will give you two potions to take back to Larka. Take the potions back to her. She won't have a reward to give you but if you see Oleyn in his shop he'll be happy that you helped out a friend. Oleyn's clothing shop is next to the Tavern in the center of town. (Bug maybe: he doesn't have any option to mention helping Larka.) He does have the Shoes of Speed for sale.

Siroas's House

Siroas Darr and Valeria Darr will attack you on sight. Not sure why. So anyways, use the house to drop all your crap.

Ele's House

Ele Diatin denies having Skooma and tells you to leave. Is there a quest attached to him?

Wintervale's Tax Collector

During the beginning of the Main Quest you'll enter the Mayor's Office. Of the three people in the office only two are part of the Main Quest. Elzar Primus' Assistant is not really needed to gain access to the mayor. Her task for you is to collect dues for the fighters that protect the town. You are to collect money from Huukvart and Philbert Nunctius. Huukvart is the curator of the Tavern and you'll find Philbert Nunctius in the Brothel.

Selling Some Shares

Once you access to the Mayor speak to him about "Wintervale" and you can give him the mine shares you may have found laying around in the open. There are five to find and sell back to the Mayor. You can sell them one at a time for 1000 each or if you have all five you will receive 10,000 gold total.

1. West corner of Naz Soldiers' Barracks in the open crate.

2. In front of the Alchemists House

3. West corner of the Jeweler

4. South side of Henrik's House

5. Behind Philbert Nunctius' Manor

A Hungry Guard

At the South Gates of Wintervale needs supplies from town since he cannot leave his post. He requests 2 pieces of bread and a bottle of Greef. You'll need regular bread. Wizard's Islands adds two new types of bread to the game but these won't work. If you go to the baker in the Central Market he won't have the right kind of bread. The jeweler of all people has 3 loafs of bread for you. You can also find some loafs in Aliare Qah's house. The Greef can be found in Illianne Bae's house or at the Tavern. He'll give you the Wintervale Key for your troubles.

Spider Parts

Graekith Longtooth, the alchemist, is missing an ingredient for one of his new potions. He needs a sample from a large spider. You don't really know where to look but you'll encounter a few in the crypt, so keep that in mind.

Hunting at Night

Visit Legallithe McOlyne in his Weapons and Armor Shop. Talk to him about the Naz and he'll offer to take you hunting. Agree and return before nightfall.

Also, behind the counter is a ladder to his bedroom. Look under the pillow and you'll find a Closet Key. Use it to get into the closet downstairs. You'll find a set of Crystaline Armor which can also be purchased.

The Diamond Mine

This one may seem extensive, but it's really simple and contained. The guard outside the mine says the guards have a lucrative job for you. Visit the barracks and talk to Gahnima on the top floor. He says something has been killing the miners. You are to find and kill the Master Vampire inside the mine. They've blocked off the main entrance but there's a secret entrance in the Miner's Lobby. He'll give you a key to the door.

As a reward you can keep any diamonds you find within the mine. You're big prize is the Perfect Diamond if you happen to find one within the other diamonds. It's worth 10,000 gold and has the same attributes as a normal diamond. The Miner's Lobby is opposite the Monk's Praying Lobby. Search through the mine killing any Possessed Naz Soldiers, Lesser Devils, Abominations, and Devils you may come across. It is recommended you have Water Breathing and Levitation (yes, it works on interior cells). Once you find the Master Vampire, kill it and you're pretty much done.


Badge of Loyalty

Weight: 1.0 Value: 44 Constant Effect: Fortify Maximum Magicka 1.5x INT on Self

Fortify Attack 5 pts on Self

Restore Magicka 1 pt on Self

Darger's Bow

Marksman Attack 2-42 Condition: 600 Weight: 6.0 Value: 7000

Darger's Mage Robe

Weight: 3.0 Value: 225 Constant Effect: Feather 50 pts on Self

Detect Animal 25 ft on Self

Darger's Staff of Electric Distcharge

Weight: 5.0 Value: 5 This is a Misc. Item, not a useable weapon.

Frost Star

Marksman Attack: 5 - 15 Weight: 0.2 Value: 200

Cast When Strikes: Frost Damage 5 to 8 pts in 20 ft

Grey Shaft of Elemental Frost

Weight: 0.1 Value: 10 Cast When Strikes: Weakness to Fire 10% for 10 secs

Frost Shield 5 pts for 10 secs

Helm of Valor (Heavy) Rating: 111

Condition: 500 Weight: 6.5 Value: 5000

Constant Effect: Fortify Health 25 pts on Self

Feather 20 pts on Self

Night Eye 10 pts on Self

Naz Gladius

Short Blade, One Handed Chop: 2 - 12 Slash: 2 - 10 Thrust: 10 - 15

Condition: 800 Weight: 8.0 Value: 500

Cast When Strikes: Fire Damage 10 to 25 pts in 5 ft

Naz Guard Armor (Medium) Rating: 15

Boots Condition: 250 Weight: 13.0 Value: 650

Obsidian King Armor (Heavy) Rating: 89

Boots Condition: 600 Weight: 30.0 Value: 9000

Gauntlet Condition: 300 Weight: 9.0 Value: 6000

Shockbite Warhammer

Blunt Weapon, Two Handed Chop: 1 - 32 Slash: 1 - 27 Thrust: 1 - 2

Condition: 2000 Weight: 32.0 Value: 10

Cast When Strikes: Shock Damage 1 to 4 pts on Target

Shoes of Speed

Weight: 3.0 Value: 1000 Constant Effect: Fortify Speed 7 pts on Self

Silver Staff of Hunger

Blunt Weapon, Two Handed Chop: 2 - 7 Slash: 3 - 7 Thrust: 1 - 5

Condition: 270 Weight: 6.4 Value: 100

Cast When Strikes: Soultrap for 30 secs


Marksman Attack: 2 - 5 Weight: 0.1 Value: 6

Cast When Strikes: Shock Damage 1 to 4 pts

Steel Staff of Devine Judgment

Blunt Weapon, Two Handed Chop: 2 - 7 Slash: 3 - 7 Thrust: 1 - 5

Condition: 450 Weight: 8.0 Value: 53

Cast When Strikes: Damage Endurance 3 to 8 pts

Damage Strength 3 to 8 pts

Surefeet (Shoes)

Weight: 3.0 Value: 2 Constant Effect: Fortify Acrobatics 6 pts on Self



Blood Wasp



Crypt Ghost

Dark Knight

Death Moth

Giant Slaughterfish


Lesser Snapper

Memphre (Teleporter Cave)


Skeletal Captain

Skeletal Soldier

Small Wasp

Soul Sucker




Ampoule Pod [Draggle-Tail Closed] (Next to Ebony Mine Entrance)

Weight: 0.1 Value: 2

Water Walking


Detect Animal

Drain Willpower

Coda Flower [Draggle-Tail Bloom]

Weight: 0.1 Value: 23

Drain Personality


Drain Intelligence

Drain Health

Fire Petal [Fire Fern]

Weight: 0.1 Value: 1

Resist Fire

Drain Health

Spell Absorption


Golden Sedge Flowers

Weight: 1.0 Value: 1

Drain Magicka

Fortify Strength

Fortify Attack

Swift Swim

Hound Meat

Weight: 1.0 Value: 2

Restore Fatigue

Fortify Fatigue


Detect Enchantment

Human Flesh

Weight: 1.0 Value: 1

Fortify Health

Drain Intelligence

Drain Personality

Nirthfly Stalks (Darger's Secret Island)

Weight: 1.0 Value: 1

Damage Health

Fortify Speed

Restore Speed

Drain Speed

Opium Flower (Alider's House)

Weight: 0.1 Value: 100



Fortify Magicka

Drain Athletics

Snapper Egg (Darger's Secret Island)

Weight: 0.5 Value: 15


Water Walking

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