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Z-ZONE - Vendor Application Suite (SupaSupa Offshore partners)



Vendor Application Suite (SupaSupa Offshore partners)

Welcome partner!

We are happy to present to you all our game titles for your delightful adventure towards your new partnership with us. Kindly install our games immediately and experience the benefits of being with Z-Zone Online Philippines network. 17217j916r

Currently we offer (2) two exciting online game titles that are sure to expand your business. SkyBlade, Sword of the Heavens and SupaSupa, AERO-REVO!, all with free to play and item based business model.

SkyBlade, Sword of the Heavens (Commercial worldwide)

  • SkyBlade Sword of the Heavens is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game based on the popular Korean manga Pachun Il Gum. The game is set on the backdrop of an oriental-fantasy universe allowing players to explore the Jijon Universe - a cosmos comprising of planets ruled by vicious animal rulers based on ancient oriental myths. The characters play the role of martial art warriors all vying for the greatest destiny - to become the Jijon King, the absolute and most powerful ruler of all worlds.

SupaSupa, AERO-REVO! (Beta phase)

  • Own your AERO-REVO and help save the world's gold. Blast your way into the sky and collect as many Ghems you can get. SUPA-SUPA, AERO-REVO online game. The Philippines NEWEST shooting online game today!

Thank you for joining our growing family. Please accept this exclusive starter kit and welcome to our network.

Should you have some questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Hotline number at (632)886.4507. We will be happy to facilitate any of your inquiry.

We look forward to be of service to you.


Z-Zone Team


Our Company

Z-Zone Online Philippines, Inc. started operations as a game publisher for SkyBlade, Sword of Heavens and now expanded its game titles and services. With new game SupaSupa Aero Revo! and free Internet Café Management Software we now call, I-CafeBOSS v.7 C.R.S., Z-Zone offers serious business partnerships and commitment.

Z-Zone Milestones

SkyBlade was launched commercially last June 2005 and is now Free Access to Play.

SupaSupa was launched commercially last November 2006. Similarly, an MMOG shooting game that is Free Access to Play.

I-CafeBOSS v.7 C.R.S. was launched March 10 , 2007 during the first I-Café Congress held in SM Megamall. Free usage of this product is an advocacy Z-Zone is committed to all I-Café operators in the Philippines.

As of today, there are more than 5 million registered SupaSupa players in the key regions of Asia Pacific.

Supported and endorsed by 60,000 Internet Cafés worldwide.

SupaSupa touch-points

9 - 21 years old

22 - 30 Sub demographics

Predominantly female

Mostly students and young professionals

Educated and with disposable income





Discounts applied on a per order basis





$USD 22.20

SUPA 1000

x 50

$USD 44.40

SUPA 2000

x 50

$USD 66.60

SUPA 3000

x 60

$USD 80.80

SUPA 4000

x 60

$USD 111.00

SUPA 5000

x 60


Discounts applied on a per order basis





$USD 100.00

$USD 499.00

$USD 500.00

$USD 999.00

$USD 1000.00

$USD 1999.00

$USD 2000.00

$USD 2999.00

$USD 3000.00

$USD 4999.00

$USD 5000.00



AVAILABLE RATES (Direct Transfer)

Discounts applied on a per order basis


USD Wholesale
(PER 1,000 PENNY)




$USD 21.90


$USD 20.42


$USD 19.75


$USD 19.09


$USD 18.64


$USD 18.20

300,000 - ABOVE



(HOTLINE: 886.4507 LOC. 83)





Korean Exchange Bank


Accnt# 5402038168


Vendor Application Form


Business Name

Business Telephone

Business Fax

Best time to contact

Business Address

Nature of Business

Products / Services:

Business Tax ID

Target Location:

Initial Purchase:


If about



Mobile No





Please submit any of the following documents together with completed Merchant Application Form:

[ ] Business Certificate (Corporation or Partnership

[ ] Bank Statement - 2 months

[ ] Social Security Number

[ ] Valid ID of contact person

Please mail or deliver completed Merchant Application Form and other documents to:

Z-Zone On Line Philippines, Inc.

18F, Makati Skyplaza Bldg.,

6788 Ayala Ave.

Makati City, Philippines

GAME SUPPORT: +63927.917.2677 | (632) 886 4507

SALES: (02) 886 4507 LOC. 85

MARKETING: (02) 886 4507 LOC. 84

BILLING & FINANCE: (02) 886 4507 LOC. 83

Fax: (02) 886 4506

I hereby confirm that the above information is true and correct

Full Name / Signature / Date

IMPORTANT: Inability to submit all required documents and proof of business 15 days from

receipt of vendor application will result to suspension of affiliation to Z-ZONE



Formal Application: (SECURE THIS AREA FIRST!)

  • Email request for "Vendor Application Suite" via (With subject head: Int'l SupaSupa)
  • Completion of business documents required for assessment.
  • Submission of required business documents together with signed Vendor Application Suite to Z-Zone Online Philippines via facsimile or courier.
  • Business plan to expedite distribution of Z-Zone game titles in the area.
  • Preferred area of operation.
  • Preferred marketing support

Select type of Distribution:

  • SupaSupa Electronic PINs
  • SupaSupa Direct Transfer

Distributing SupaSupa Electronic PINs

  • Place order thru Email (With subject head: SupaSupa Order)
  • Z-Zone will send password protected orders in .CSV or .XLS files.
  • Z-Zone will send orders thru registered email account only.
  • Z-Zone extends warranty during and after delivery of password protected file.
  • Upon activation of e-PINs by Distributor, Z-Zone acknowledges merchantability of orders for distribution.

Distributing SupaSupa Penny via Transfer Direct

  • Obtain a partner account to transfer Penny to any player.
  • Creation of "Partner Account" through
  • Partner Account is NOT similar with player's account, if in any event Partner Vendor is also a player.
  • Confirmed account registration for activation.

COMPUTATION OF ORDER via Transfer Direct:

  • Increment rate per 1,000 SupaSupa Penny = $USD 22.20
  • Wholesale rate starts at $USD21.90 with 1st tier reselling discount of 5%


*10,000 SupaSupa Penny order.

USD21.90= 1,000 SupaSupa Penny

10,000 SupaSupa Penny = USD219.00

$USD219.00 Total amount of payable to Z-Zone Online Philippines, Incorporated.

Forward payments to Korean Exchange bank ( Savings accnt# 5402038168)



Go to and log onto your "Partner Vendor" account. Should you be a player of SupaSupa, your UserID is NOT your "Partner Vendor" user account. Also, having to register as a distributor for SkyBlade is not in convergence with SupaSupa. Registration for the game to play and to distribute top-ups is clearly separated in cause.


The user must accept the Terms of Agreement in order to proceed with registration. User must complete the registration form then press the "Create User" button


User will receive confirmation message and activation code through the registered email address. It is advised to check both your spam and bulk mail to confirm your receipt of our message.


Upon activation of your account, you may now start the following:

  • Complete/update Partner Vendor profile
  • Placement of orders


Notice: Delivery of SupaSupa Penny will be processed in 24 hrs lead after payment confirmation.


Once logged-on, CLICK "Place Order Here" to generate a formal request to Z-Zone and later be your reference for Purchase Order.


Rectify your information entry for speedy processing.


Upon submission, a printable summary of your purchase request will be previewed for confirmation. Remember to attach the transaction no. to the bank deposit forms before scanning and sending to Z-Zone via



  • Deposit or transfer payment to Z-Zone via your most trusted bank.

Account Name      :     Z-ZONE ON LINE PHILIPPINES INC.

Account Number   :     5402038168

Bank Name           :     KOREAN EXCHANGE BANK

Branch            :     Manila Branch

Swift Code          :     K O E X P H M M 

  • Email scanned copy of deposit payment receipt to
  • Remember to affix purchase request transaction number.
  • Upon confirmation of deposited payment to Korean Exchange Bank in Manila, transfer of SupaSupa Penny to your Partner Account will commence.

SELLING SupaSupa Penny: Distributing SupaSupa Penny to players

Sell SupaSupa Penny at $USD22.20 or less, depending on how you want your SupaSupa Penny inventory to move. Published regular rate for players starts at $USD22.20/ 1,000 pieces of SupaSupa Penny, giving you as Partner Vendor the power to EARN more and sell more with the discount rates available only for you, our PARTNER VENDOR.



Upon logging-in, search for your customer's User I.D.


Input details of your player's order and the security activation code, then transfer!

STEP 3 - Transfer confirmation

STEP 4 - Partner Vendor page review

STEP 5 - Your SupaSupa Penny transfer history are automatically archived


This agreement represents the complete agreement and understanding between Z-ZONE, (hereinafter called Z-Zone) and the Distributor (hereinafter called DISTRIBUTOR) and supersedes any other written or oral agreement. Upon notice published online via Z-ZONE, Z-ZONE may modify these terms and conditions, amplify them, and/or modify the prices, as well as discontinue or change the services offered.

1. Term of Agreement

The DISTRIBUTOR may receive Discount Rate on orders that are placed during the term of this agreement. This term will begin on the date that your application is approved by Z-ZONE, and shall end when terminated by either party.

2. Payment Processing

Z-ZONE will process orders placed by the DISTRIBUTOR via online, fax or phone. DISTRIBUTOR shall include DISTRIBUTOR ID when placing orders online.

Z-ZONE shall bill DISTRIBUTORS for the orders every purchase requests prior to delivery of items.

DISTRIBUTOR shall remit payment to Z-ZONE. Cost is minus Commission Rate.

If a DISTRIBUTOR'S payment does not clear, the Commission fee, will be deducted from the next monthly Commission given to the DISTRIBUTORS

DISTRIBUTOR is solely responsible for collecting the fees from their CUSTOMERS.

Z-ZONE will be solely responsible for tracking orders. Statements of order activity will be provided to the DISTRIBUTOR every three (3) months for documentation and collection purposes of Z-ZONE. All orders must be confirmed by both parties.

3. Disclosure

The DISTRIBUTOR acknowledges that Z-ZONE makes an honest effort to keep the information available on Z-ZONE's systems accurate. It is the moral and ethical obligation of Z-ZONE as the co-developer / publisher of the online gaming technology to its DISTRIBUTOR.

Access to information on Z-ZONE's systems is granted to the DISTRIBUTOR. Such information includes accurate number of windows, location of sites, progress of development and maintenance of advertising protocols for tracking transfers to player's accounts and other unique features of the Z-ZONE system that are deemed prerequisites in the marketing initiatives of the DISTRIBUTOR to its customers.

It is the moral and ethical obligation of the DISTRIBUTOR to Z-ZONE to disclose such information only to players/customers.

4. Indemnification

Z-ZONE can make no warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, regarding the quality, accuracy, or validity of the data and/or information residing on or passing through these networks. Use of information obtained from or through Z-ZONE services is at the risk of the DISTRIBUTOR and responsibility of the customer.

The DISTRIBUTOR agrees to indemnify and hold Z-ZONE harmless from any claims, including attorney's fees, of the nature. Examples are fraudulent claims, libelous and/or seditious messages, other forms of harmful effects, those with sanctions from Philippine regulatory agencies.

Both parties indemnify the referring party of the DISTRIBUTOR to Z-ZONE, outsourced company, employee or consultant, for any dispute amongst them.

5. Limited Economic and Legal Liability of the Publisher

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event and under no legal theory shall Z-ZONE be liable to the Distributor for any business loss, revenues decrease, expenses increase, costs of substitute products/services, or for any consequential, special, incidental, punitive or indirect damages of any kind arising out of the use of, or inability to use, any of Z-ZONE's services. In no event shall Z-ZONE's liability exceed the fees paid by the DISTRIBUTOR. This limitation of liability and risks is reflected in the price of Z-ZONE's services.

6. Cancellation of Orders

Cancellation of signed purchased from the DISTRIBUTOR must be received in writing via fax, or postal service at Z-ZONE main office by 4:00 pm from Monday to Friday. Verbal notices ( face-to-face, by phone or landline), SMS messages and e-mail are inadmissible.

7. Abuse of Services

DISTRIBUTORS shall make sure that their customers comply with the Z-ZONE's SERVICE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Any use of Z-ZONE system resources that disrupts the normal use of the system for other Z-ZONE customers is considered to be abuse of system resources and is grounds for administrative intervention. Some examples of system abuse include spawning dozens of processes, account hacking, spamming or mass e-Mailing using internal or external mail and/or news servers.

Depending on the nature and the severity of the abuse, the user may receive an e-Mail warning or have their account suspended by Z-ZONE Technical Support. If the misuse is unintentional, the suspension may be rescinded following discussion with Z-ZONE Technical Support. If the misuse is intentional, the suspension may be rescinded at the discretion of the Operations Manager, and may require the payment of a service reconnection charge. Occasionally, unintentional misuse is misclassified as intentional misuse. Customers who believe their activity has been misclassified may appeal to the Operations Manager.

Violations of any of the Z-ZONE conditions of use are unethical and may be criminal offenses. You are expected to report to Z-ZONE any information you may have concerning instances in which the conditions of use have been or are being violated. When Z-ZONE becomes aware of possible violations, we will initiate an investigation. At the same time, in order to prevent further possible unauthorized activity, Z-ZONE may suspend access to services to the individual account in question. Confirmation of violations may result in cancellation of the individual account and/or criminal prosecution. The account suspension may be rescinded at the discretion of the Operations Manager, following payment of a reconnection charge.

8. Force Majeure

If at any time during the contract term Z-ZONE is unable to provide a Service or the Services by reason of the occurrence of an event of Force Majeure, Z-ZONE will be excused from the performance of its obligations hereunder, during the continuance of such inability, provided that Z-ZONE provides written notice of the occurrence of the Force Majeure to the ACCOUNT HOLDER within seven (7) days of its occurrence and takes all reasonable measures to prevent or remove the Force Majeure. In the event of the occurrence of an event of Force Majeure, Z-ZONE will provide the DISTRIBUTOR with bridge service , if possible, and the DISTRIBUTOR may, at its option, terminate this Agreement with written notice if Z-ZONE cannot prevent or remove an act of Force Majeure within three (3) months of the occurrence of the event of Force Majeure.

"Force Majeure" means a fire, rain, flood, epidemic, earthquake, snowstorm, ice buildup, quarantine, embargo, or other act of God, explosion, malfunction, damage or destruction to equipment or facilities, strike or other dispute with workers, riots or civil disputes, war (whether declared or undeclared) or armed conflict, any municipal ordinance or provincial or federal law, governmental order or regulation or order of any court or regulatory body, the inability to obtain, or any delay in obtaining, local access for any reason whatsoever, fraud, breaches of system security or any other event not within the reasonable control of Z-ZONE which renders continued provision of a Service or the Services under this Agreement impossible, impracticable or illegal.

10. Termination and Suspension

Both parties may terminate or suspend contract before date of expiration after a thorough evaluation (minimum of one (6) month) of both parties' performance of contractual obligations. If so, either party may initiate through a written notice delivered by hand, registered mail, email, or fax, with or without notation of legal counsel, citing validity of decision and in accordance with business decorum. The erring party may, in fifteen (15) days, offer a remedy to the cited problem or concern of notifying party, if situation may still be remedied. Erring party must reply through written notice delivered by hand, registered mail, email, or fax, with or without notation of legal counsel, citing validity of decision and in accordance with business decorum.

In cases of email, it is admissible if it is recorded in the SENT INBOX of the email account, with Date and Time stamps and must be addressed to the proper representatives. 

11. Entirety of Agreement

This instrument constitutes the entire agreement between the parties, and represents the complete and entire understanding of the parties with respect to the subject matter contained in this agreement. This instrument supersedes any other agreement or understanding between the parties, whether written or oral. In the event that any term or agreement or understanding is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable, then the remaining provisions of this instrument and the agreement, which it evidences, shall remain in full force and effect. The parties hereto intending to be legally bound hereby, and in consideration of the covenants and agreements contained herein, do hereby execute this instrument, with each party warranting their ability to enter in to this agreement for the person or entitle herein named as a party hereto. This agreement shall be construed and interpreted pursuant to the laws of the Philippine government.

12. Duration of Agreement - One (6) Months

By signing this AGREEMENT, the DISTRIBUTOR acknowledges having read and agrees to fully comply with Z-ZONE's DISTRIBUTOR TERMS AND CONDITIONS, a copy of which has been attached hereto and forms an integral part of Z-ZONE's Agreement.

Accepted by:

__________ ______ ____ _ Date:_____ _______ ______ __________
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