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MVP Word Search for Windows


MVP Word Search for Windows


Craig Kellogg

An MVP Software Production

MVP Word Search is shareware. You may freely evaluate this software. If you

find it useful you must register with MVP Software. When you register you will

receive MVP Word Search for Windows Deluxe, with several additional features.

These include:

* 100 different puzzles from which to choose.

* Ability to specify size and shape o 333x2319d f your own puzzles.

* Booklet printing capability, including printing cover page, table of

contents, puzzles, and solutions.

* Specify any of your own midi files to play in the background.

* Specify any of your own wav files to be played during game events.

* Additional music and sound effects included.

* ASCII file importing (word lists) and exporting (puzzles).

* Resizable and scalable display window.

Thanks for playing MVP Word Search for Windows and for supporting shareware.

Your honesty pays.

To order MVP Word Search Deluxe for Windows, call 800-968-9684 toll-free 24

hours a day. Please have your Master Card or Visa ready when you call. Or

fill out the order form at the end of this manual and fax it to: 616-245-3204.

Make sure your credit card number and expiration date are legible. Or if you

prefer mail the order form and your check to: MVP Software, 1035 Dallas SE,

Grand Rapids, MI 49507-1407.

For overseas orders or technical support call 616-245-8376.

Download All the Latest MVP Shareware Games FREE

If your favorite BBS doesn't have an MVP file section, then you may be

missing some great shareware. To get all the latest and greatest MVP

shareware releases, call one of the leading boards listed below, and check

out the FREE MVP file area.

In Grand Rapids, Michigan -- Ryan's Bar (616) 456-1845

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin -- Exec-PC (414) 789-4360

In New York, New York -- The Invention Factory (212) 274-8110

In Boston, Massachusetts -- Channel 1 (617) 354-3230

In Kansas City, Missouri -- Sound Advice (816) 436-8029

In Palo Alto, California -- Space BBS (415) 323-4193

In Reston, Virginia -- World Data Network (703) 620-8900

Even better, tell your favorite sysop about the MVP Distribution Network and

how he can be assured of getting all of the latest MVP shareware hits as soon

as they are released. See the SYSOP.DOC file for details.


____|__ | (R)

--| | |----- ----- ---------

| ____|__ | Association of

| | |_| Shareware

|__| o | Professionals

-----| | |----- ----- -----------

|___|___| MEMBER

MVP Software is a member of the Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP).

ASP wants to make sure that the shareware principle works for you. If you are

unable to resolve a shareware-related problem with an ASP member by contacting

the member directly, ASP may be able to help. The ASP Ombudsman can help you

resolve a dispute or problem with an ASP member, but does not provide

technical support for members' products. Please write to the ASP Ombudsman

at 545 Grover Road, Muskegon, MI 49442-9427 or send a CompuServe message via

CompuServe Mail to ASP Ombudsman at 70007,3536.

Ordering Information

MVP Word Search for Windows Deluxe is available from the following authorized


In the United States:

----- ----- ----------

MVP Software

1035 Dallas SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49507-1407

phone: 800-968-9684 24-hour order line only

(616) 245-8376 information, technical support, or orders.

fax: (616) 245-3204

order price: $19.95 plus $3.00 shipping in the US, $4.00 shipping to

Canada, $5.00 shipping everywhere else. Michigan residents please add

appropriate sales tax.

In Australia:



9 Albermarle St

Newtown NSW 2042

Phone: (02) 519-4233 Fax: (02) 516-4236

order price: $A30.00 (includes shipping)

In the United Kingdom:

----- ----- -----------

Testware Publishing

46 The Avenue

Harrogate, N Yorks HG1 4QD

Phone: (0423) 886 415 Fax: (0423) 889 728

order price: 20 pounds (includes shipping)

In Denmark and all of Scandanavia:

-------- ----- ------


Benloese Skel 4 G

DK 4100 Ringsted

Phone: 53 61 90 42 Fax: 53 61 93 91

order price: 145,00 kr. + VAT 25% + s/h 25,00

In Japan:


P. & A. Company Ltd

302 Bellwins, 1367-23

Nakagami, Akishima, Tokyo 196

Phone: 425-46-9141 Fax: 425-46-9142 BBS: 425-46-9143

3015 yen includes shipping and taxes

In Germany, Austria, and Switzerland:

-------- ----- ------ ---

JDS -- Software Vertrieb

Jens Driese

Postfach 1269


Phone: 04451-85743 Fax: 04451-860500

CIS: 100273,2252 BTX: DRIESE#

price: 33 DM (includes taxes) plus 6 DM shipping

In The Netherlands:

----- ----- --------

HaSa Software Applications

PO Box 414

9500 AK Stadskanaal

Phone: 5990 50161 Fax: 5990 50124

BBS: 5990 50212 or 50314 or 50232 CIS: 100115,542

price: Call for current price

In Italy:


Systems Comunicazioni srl

via Olanda

6 - 20083 Gaggiano

Phone: (02) 9084 1814 Fax: (02) 9084 1682 BBS: (02) 9084 1811

price: Lire 42.000 IVA inclusa

In Spain:


Friendware S.L.

Rafael Calvo, 40

28010 Madrid

Phone: (91) 308 34 46 Fax: (91) 308 52 97

CIS: 100413,1667

price: 3.000 Pts


Name __________ ______ ____ __________ ______ ____ __

Address __________ ______ ____ _____ _______ ______ _______________

City __________ ______ ____ State ______ ZIP _______________

Country (if outside USA) __________ ______ ____ _____________

CIRCLE HD DISK SIZE: 5-1/4" -or- 3-1/2" IMPORTANT!

Price of MVP Wordsearch Deluxe for Windows $19.95

Shipping and Handling (US) 3.00

Shipping and Handling (Canada) 4.00

Shipping and Handling (all other countries) 5.00

Michigan residents add sales tax 1.38


Make check payable to "MVP Software" Total enclosed: $

Master Card/Visa information (credit card orders only)

Card number __________ ______ ____ ___________

Expiration number __________ ______ ____ _____

-------- ----- ------ -------- ----- ------ ---------

VOLUNTARY QUESTIONS: Please help us determine what features you would like

==================== in future products.

Circle what type of equipment you have: 286 386 486 Pentium

Circle the speed of your computer(Mhz): 12 16 20 25 33 40 50 66 ___

Circle any that apply: Joystick Mouse Modem_______ SVGA card____________

(speed) (type)

Sound Capability: Adlib Sound Blaster SB Pro SB 16 SB AWE32

PC speaker only Other __________ ______ ____ _____

Where did you get MVP Wordsearch for Windows?

Friend CompuServe AOL Prodigy Ryan's Bar Exec-PC Space BBS

Invention Factory World Data Network Sound Advice Channel 1

BBS (name): _____ _______ ______ ________

Shareware Distributor (name): __________ ______ ____ __________

Are you a game player? Please answer the following questions about what you

like and don't like in computer games.

Approx # of commercial games owned: ____ #Registered shareware games: ____

Circle preference: Beautiful Graphics Game Complexity

Circle preference: Solo against computer -OR- Modem 2-Player

Circle preference: Strategy Action Simulation Other_________

Long term game playability: Few Levels w/ hard difficulty Lotsa Levels

-------- ----- ------ -------- ----- ------ ---------

Send this order form and your check to:

MVP Software, 1035 Dallas S.E., Grand Rapids, MI 49507-1407

US or Canada 24-hour order line: 800-968-9684. Fax: 616-245-3204.

Tech support, information, or overseas order line: 616-245-8376.



To install MVP Word Search for Windows, place the distribution disk in drive

A or B of your computer. From Program Manager in Windows, choose File | Run.

If you put the disk in drive A, type A:\SETUP and press enter. If you put the

disk in drive B, type B:\SETUP. If the files are already in a directory on

your hard drive, enter the PATH\SETUP. Follow the directions on the screen to

install the software.



To run MVP Word Search for Windows, you must have a 80286 or better with a VGA

graphics adapter and monitor. Minimum memory required is 1 megabyte.

Requires Windows 3.1 or higher. A printer and audio device are optional.



MVP Word Search for Windows is an easy to use computerized version of a word

search puzzle. Word search is a puzzle in which you must find all the words

in the word list in the diagram of letters. The words can be found in any of

the eight directions (right, left, up, down, and the four diagonals).

You choose the words and let Word Search for Windows do the rest. Want the

words scrambed for a greater challenge? Not a problem. How about print out

a copy of the puzzle to take on a trip? The puzzle can be printed using any

font installed in Windows. Have an audio card? Word Search for Windows will

play music in the background while you search for words.



After starting the WS1.exe file, choose the Word List menu at the top. To

choose a puzzle, you can either use one installed in the menu, or choose

Select and then double click on one of the lists. The puzzle is randomly

generated using the word list you choose. To circle one of the words in the

puzzle, click the left mouse button on the first letter, and drag without

releasing to the last letter. The word should be circled as you go. Release

the mouse button, and if it is one of the words in the list, it will be

circled and removed from the list (items removed from the list are grayed out).

Continue to do this until all words in the list are circled. Once the puzzle

is solved, you can repeat these same steps to play again.



If you have a default printer setup for Windows, you can print out a puzzle to

play later, or give to others. From the Word List menu, choose the puzzle you

want to print. The puzzle should appear on the screen when you do this. Now

choose Print Puzzle from the File menu and the puzzle will be printed. You can

also print out the puzzle anytime you are playing. Even if you have already

circled some words, they will not be circled on the printed copy.

To print the solution to a puzzle, choose a puzzle as described in the above

paragraph. Then choose "Print Solution" from the puzzle menu. The solution

will be printed.



You can create your own word lists with Word Search for Windows. To do this,

select the Word List menu, then choose Editor. This will bring up a window

from which you can add a new word list, or delete or edit an existing word

list. To add a new word list, click on the Add button. This will bring up the

word list editor with no words in it. Click on the title entry field, and

enter a title for the word list. The title can be up to 30 characters long,

including spaces. This name is only used for referencing the word list. This

word will not appear in the puzzle itself. To add words to the list, click on

the entry field near the center of the window, and type a word. The word must

be between three and fourteen characters long, including spaces. The spaces

will not appear in the puzzle, only in the word list for readability. The

word must be composed of characters (A-Z) and spaces, or digits (0-9) and

spaces. All the words in the list must be either words or numbers. You can

not mix them in the same list.

Therefore, to create a list of numbers, all you need to do is make the first

one a number, and then all the remaining ones will need to be numbers.

Another limitation is that substrings are not allowed. For example, if the

word "planet" is in the list, you cannot add the word "interplanetary." When

users see "planet" in "interplanetary" in the puzzle, they might try to circle

it and get upset when it is not considered a word. When you have the word

typed, either press the ENTER key on the keyboard, or click on the Add button.

Continue to do this until you have all the word you want in the list. The

maximum number of words allowed in the list is 36. If you make a mistake, or

decide you want to remove a word, highlight that word in the list by clicking

on it with the mouse. Then click on the Delete button, and the word will be

removed from the list. When you are finished with the word list, click on the

OK button. Clicking on Cancel will discard any changes you made.

To edit an existing word list, click the mouse on the word list to edit, and

click on the Edit button. You can also double click on the word list to edit

it. Follow the same steps in the paragraph above to add or delete words. You

can also modify the title by clicking the mouse in the title entry field, and

editing the value.

To delete a word list, click the mouse on the word list, and click on the

Delete button. The word list will be deleted, and also removed from the menu

(if it was installed into the menu).



If you have some word lists that you would like to give to a friend, you can

transfer them as a .TWL file that they can load into their copy of MVP Word

Search for Windows. To do this, choose Transfer Out from the Word List menu.

A file dialog will appear. Type the name of the file you wish to save them as.

If you don't type an extension, .TWL will automatically be added. If the file

does not exist, it is created. If it already exists, you will be adding to

the existing contents. After you have selected a filename, a dialog will

appear with a list box containing all your current word lists, along with a

list box of all the word lists in the file you specified. To add word lists

to the .TWL file, choose one or more word lists in the "Current Word Lists" by

clicking on them. Next click on the right arrow button, and the word lists

will be placed in the file. Once you have added all the word lists to the file

that you want, click on the OK button, and the file will be saved.

To load word lists from a .TWL file into your game, choose Transfer In from

the Word List menu. A file dialog will appear. Type the name of the file

containing the word lists. If you do not specify an extension, .TWL will

automatically be added. After choosing the filename, a dialog box will appear

with a list box containing your existing word lists, along with another list

box containing the word lists in the file. Choose one or more word lists from

the "Word Lists in File" list box, and click on the left arrow button. The

word lists will be added to your existing lists.



The Word List menu can contain up to ten word lists. This provides a way to

quickly access commonly used lists. You can choose which word lists (up to

ten) to have in the menu. Choose the Options menu, and then Word List Menu.

To add word lists to the menu, select one or more word lists in the "available

word lists" list box (on the left). Click on the right arrow button (-->) and

the word lists will be added. To remove word lists from the menu, select one

or more word lists in the "word lists in menu" list box, and click on the left

arrow button (<--).



Word Search for Windows provides three difficulty levels. EASY does not place

words diagonally. MEDIUM (which is the default) places words in all eight

directions (including dialonals). The HARD level is for those that may not

feel challenged by the MEDIUM level. Don't get too confident if you think you

found a word, because on the HARD level, words that look a lot like the word

you're looking for may appear in the puzzle.

To set the difficulty level, choose Options, and then choose Difficulty. Click

on the difficulty level you want, and click on the OK button. You must select

a new puzzle for the change to become effective. The difficulty level for the

current puzzle is always displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the




For those who would like a greater challenge, MVP Word Search for Windows

allows you to scramble or hide the word list.

Scrambling the word list means that the words in the word list on the left of

the screen are scrambled, but the word in the puzzle is the same as the

original word. You can either try to unscramble the word, and then look for

it in the puzzle, or look through the puzzle for words that look like they

belong to the current title (for example, if the title is US Presidents, look

for the name of a president in the puzzle, and circle it).

Hiding a word list will only display the title above the puzzle, but you will

not be told what any of the words in the list are. You will have to search

through the puzzle for words that your think belong to the title. If you

circle a correct word, it will be circled and displayed in the word list.

To choose the display type, choose either Scrabled, Hidden, or Normal from the

word list display submenu in the Options menu. This will instantly change the

way the word list is displayed. A check is displayed next to the menu item

that is currently selected.

SCRAM is displayed in the third pane of the status bar at the bottom of the

screen when scrambling is turned on. HIDDEN is displayed in the pane if the

word list is hidden, and NORMAL is displayed in the pane if the word list is

displayed normally.



Any TrueType fonts installed in Windows may be used. The point size is fixed,

but you can choose the font, along with whether you want it bold or italic.

To set the display font, choose Options, and then choose Display Font. This

will display the font dialog box. From here select the font that you would

like, and click on the OK button. The display will instantly change to the

font you choose.

To set the print font, choose Options, and then choose Print Font. Select the

font you would like, and click on the OK button.



Word Search for Windows will play sound effects when you circle a word or

solve a puzzle (if you have an audio card installed). To disable the sound

effects, choose Options, and then choose Sound Effects. To enable the sound

effects, choose the same menu item. A check will appear next to the menu item

when sound effects are enabled.

The music being played while play a game can also be disabled. Choose Options,

and then Music. To enable the music, choose the same menu item. A check will

appear next to the menu item when music is enabled.

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