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ViPlay is a freeware movie player designed to play the most popular movie types using overlaying technology for a faster and more efficient way of video playback.

Features :

  • Support for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP
  • High performance and visual quality
  • Easy interface with context menu
  • Standard playback functions like play, pause, stop, seek, volume, balance, repeat and others controls
  • Playback Rate
  • Time/Frames and Elapsed/Remaining display mode
  • Window, Fullscreen and Desktop mode playing
  • Aspect Ratio (customizable)
  • Color Controls (B 444h710e rightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, ...)
  • Movie information
  • Digital Zoom
  • On Screen Display
  • Open directory
  • Bookmarks
  • Movie Profiles
  • Auto-Resume
  • Playlist Editor
  • Enhanced Subtitles engine supporting 59 formats
  • Multiple Subtitles files support
  • Subtitle font auto resize
  • Subtitle tags
  • Subtitle delay
  • Customizable subtitle maximum display time
  • Snapshots
  • Multiple audio streams support (internal and external)
  • DeDynamic support
  • Drag And Drop support
  • Language file support
  • Enhanced Skin support
  • Audio CD support
  • VideoCD support
  • Super VideoCD support
  • DVD Support
  • WinLIRC support
  • Video Mixing Renderer 9 Support
  • Video Mixing Renderer 7 Support
  • Incomplete AVI file playback Support
  • Custom graph building
  • INI files Support (movies in one or multiple CDs)
  • Command line support
  • Freeware!

Subtitles supported :

  • Advanced SubStation Alpha
  • AQTitle
  • Captions 32
  • Captions DAT
  • Captions DAT Text
  • Captions Inc
  • Cheetah
  • CPC-600
  • DKS Subtitle Format
  • DVD Junior
  • DVD Subtitle System
  • DVDSubtitle
  • FAB Subtitler
  • IAuthor Script
  • Inscriber CG
  • JACOSub 2.7+
  • Karaoke Lyrics LRC
  • Karaoke Lyrics VKT
  • KoalaPlayer
  • MAC DVD Studio Pro
  • MacSUB
  • MicroDVD
  • MPlayer
  • MPlayer2
  • MPSub
  • OVR Script
  • Panimation
  • Philips SVCD Designer
  • Phoenix Japanimation Society
  • Pinnacle Impression
  • PowerDivX
  • PowerPixel
  • QuickTime Text
  • RealTime
  • SAMI Captioning
  • Sasami Script
  • SBT
  • Sofni
  • Softitler RTF
  • SonicDVD Creator
  • Sonic Scenarist
  • Spruce DVDMaestro
  • Spruce Subtitle File
  • SST Player
  • SST Script
  • SubCreator 1.x
  • SubRip
  • SubSonic
  • SubStation Alpha
  • SubViewer 1.0
  • SubViewer 2.0
  • TMPlayer 1
  • TMPlayer 2
  • TMPlayer +1
  • TMPlayer +2
  • TMPlayer Multiline
  • Turbo Titler
  • ViPlay Subtitle File
  • ZeroG

What's new in version 2.07 :

  • Added Support for Video Mixing Renderer 9 (requires DirectX 9 or superior)
  • Added Support for Video Mixing Renderer 7 (requires Windows XP)
  • Added Support for Matroska, you have to install Gabest's Matroska Splitter filter
  • Added Support for RealMedia, you have to install Gabest's RealMedia Splitter filter and RealPlayer/RealOne
  • Added Support for Audio CDs, you have to install Gabest's CDDA Source filter
  • Added Support for Autodesk FLIC, you have to install Gabest's FLICSource filter
  • Added It's now possible to play incomplete AVI files
  • Added Customizable subtitle opacity (VMR)
  • Added Option to associate with Audio CDs
  • Added Open Disc (a replacement for Open VCD/SVCD/DVD/CDA)
  • Added Try to auto detect DVD aspect ratio option
  • Added Shortcuts to increase/decrease color controls values and cycle color profiles
  • Added Folder for filters can now be customized
  • Added Option to clear playlist on exit
  • Added Possibility to remove dead files from the playlist
  • Added Support for FAB Subtitler, Inscriber CG, MAC DVD Studio Pro, MPSub, OVR Script and Panimation subtitle formats (now supports 59 formats !!!)
  • Added More skin actions (see Actions.txt)
  • Improved Now overlay playback mode is disabled automatically if the video card doesn't support it or if it fails
  • Improved Snapshot system (works better when using VMR)
  • Improved Playlist now skips dead files
  • Improved ViPlay INI Files (VIF), now it is possible to select the default audio stream and different font for each subtitle
  • Improved Movie Profiles, audio stream is remembered now
  • Improved Now ViPlay doesn't associate any extension if it's executed from a CD
  • Improved If ViPlay is executed from a CD and ViPlay.ini exists in the same path as .exe the configuration is readed from it (if the .ini not exists in the Windows or User folder)
  • Improved Command line
  • Fixed Some audio streams issues
  • Fixed Mouse click conflicts with DVD menus
  • Fixed Bad duration display in some DVDs
  • Fixed Associate with DVDs
  • Fixed Playlist focus problem
  • Fixed A bug when reading some subtitle formats
  • Fixed Others minor bugs
  • Some cosmetics changes
  • And much more!

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