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WDM Install Procedure


WDM Install Procedure

Win 2K current

This Win2K build (any latest Win2K build for that matter) comes with an installed Aureal vortex WDM driver. For proper operation, you need to uninstall the existing WDM drive 17317o1420r r from the O/S and install the update.

THESE ARE BETA DRIVERS, AND ARE TO BE USED AT YOUR OWN RISK! We can't assist you with either installing or uninstalling these, so please be careful! All installation is at your own risk, no technical support is offered by Aureal for Win2K WDM drivers.

Because these drivers aren't digitally signed, you will have to work through these steps to properly install the drivers.


Go to the Settings->Control panel->system.

Go to the system->Device manager. Uninstall the Aureal vortex PCI adapter.

From the c:\winnt\inf directory, delete the following files.







Go to the c:\winnt\driver cache\i386. Rename the '' file to something like '' (so that your Adm88xx.sys file doesn't keep getting installed by the OS)

From the Tools, then Folder options select View, check 'show all hidden folders'. Uncheck the 'Hide File Extensions for Known File Types' and uncheck the 'Hide Protected Operating System Files'.

Then 'dllcache' folder appears under C:\winnt\system32.

From the 'dllcache' delete the 'Adm88xx.sys'  'Admjoy.sys' files.

Now go to the c:\winnt\system32\drivers. Delete the respective 'Adm88xx.sys' 'Admjoy.sys' files.



At the restart System prompts for Multifunction adapter. Install starts.

In the middle of the install, the install asks for the following files. 'ksuser.dll', ks*.dll, 'portcls.sys' and '*.drv'. and finally 'aurealgm.arl'. (Everything is on your system except the aurealgm.arl file.) Browse to the following locations to install the above files:

Ksuser.dll -> c:\winnt\system32

ks*.dll -> c:\winnt\system32\drivers

*.drv -> c:\winnt\system32


Aurealgm.arl->'Browse to the driver location'.

For the rest of the install browse to the driver location and the install is complete.

Rename the '' (or whatever you named it) back to ''.

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