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The following files should be enclosed.



WOLF1.BAT is 2 new maps, (new games), for the program WOLF3D version 1.0

by Apogee. I will suggest that you purchase the WOLF3D series from Apogee,

the series has zombie g 252v217c uards that shoot from the chest, Hitler with a

metal suit, and all sorts of new items that are not available on the

share ware version of WOLF3D. Plus they should be supported for their

efforts on WOLF3D if you appreciate the game.

Unzip #WOLF1.ZIP & copy the files into a the directory on your hard drive

containing the program WOLF3D version 1.0 .

Save the file #WOLF1.ZIP for a back up.

Enter your WOLF3D directory and at the dos prompt type & enter WOLF1 .

Some files will be copied by WOLF1.BAT for restoring the original game,

& you will be at the menu for WOLF1. Your menu choices are

1 = install the original wolf game 1.

2 = install WOLF1-2 game 2.

3 = install WOLF1-3 game 3.

F = read my documentation of personal experience.

P = play the last game that was installed ( it tells you which one )

H = help

Q = quit

Choose a letter or number, (1, 2, or 3) to install and ( P ) play a game.

There is also an X-rated version of this game out now. It should be on

the bulletin board that you received this game from, if not look around.

The X-rated parts of the new games are just cartoons. There are new walls

that also go with the X-rated version, such as floor colored walls.

This makes some nasty mazes, one has to look at the ceiling to negotiate

the maze. Blood on gray stone, Hitler with an afro who smokes, and more

comes with the X-rated version.

WOLF1.BAT has a help choice on the menu, for further information on the

choices available.

The cheat switch for WOLF3D is M L I all pressed at the same time, but

watch out, it takes all of your score away, so cheating at the beginning of

the game when there is no score to take, is advised should you choose to

cheat at all.. For cheating you get full health, full ammo, both keys,

& the gattling gun. Kinda takes the fun out of it.

Also of interest is the fact that when below 11 health points you can

drink blood to gain a health point. What, drink blood ! Yep, the blood

and bones or just a pool of blood on the floor is worth a health point

when you are weak. With a sound blaster ADLIB you hear a slurping sound

as you weakly cross over the blood, then look back to see that the blood

and bones are gone. In the games of WOLF1 there are secret passages you

can not get to unless you push the door one block farther than normal.

How is that possible you ask ? The secret doors will push farther if you

keep pushing on them while the door is opening. There is a trick to it

but you will get the hang of it. Not all door will push back that block

extra, so trial and error is advised.

I hope you enjoy the games.


The Kid

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