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WolfEdit 2.0


WolfEdit 2.0 (c) 1992 Bill Kirby

Wolfenstein 3-D Graphics Editor


To install WolfEdit, simply unpack the zip file into the same directory

the game is installed in.

To start the editor:


-e forces keyboard mouse emulation even if a mouse driver is


-y use mode Y (320x200) instead of mode X (320x240)

mode Y gives 72Hz refresh rate, where mode X gives 60Hz

The screen is divided into several windows:


This window displays the current image being edited. Clicking the mouse

in this window performs different functions depending on which edit tool is

selected. The color used is dependent on which mouse button is pressed.

Each mouse button has a different color associated with it.

Currently there are only 3 edit tools:

Pencil : draws a single pixel

Dropper : "picks up" a color off the image and assigns it to

whichever button is pressed

Paintbrush : fills an area


This window displays all 256 colors available to draw with. It also

has a picture of a mouse, which displays the colors currently associated

with each button.

NOTE! The last color (lower right corner of the palette) is a special

color. It is used to indicate "transparent", when editing object



This window displays information about the image in the edit window:

IMAGE : image number


LOCATION : where the image is located (DISK, MEMORY, LOADING)

MODIFIED : whether or not the image in memory has been modified

since it was loaded

IMAGE SIZE/MAX : current size of the image, and the maximum size that

the image can be

IMAGES LOADED : number of images currently in memory

MEMORY LEFT : amount of memory left

The image size information is only usefull for object images. The wall

images are always 4096 bytes, and will have "4096/4096" displayed for

the size/max information. Object images vary in size depending on how

much of the image is transparent. The images are stored in the file in

segments of 512 bytes each, so if the original image is only 513 bytes,

there will be a 1024 byte section of the file allocated for the image.

This is why the image size can be smaller than it's maximum size.

A modified image cannot be saved if it requires more space than the maximum

allowed for that image (the maximum size is different for each image).


When WolfEdit starts, it loads the first image into memory. You can use

the scroll bar to select other images. Clicking on the left and right

arrow buttons scrolls through the images one at a time. You can also click

anywhere on the bar to skip straight to a particular image. When clicking

on the left/right arrow buttons, the right mouse button scrolls continuously,

while the left button scrolls one image, then waits for the mouse button

to be released.

If you select an image that is not currently in memory, WolfEdit will

attempt to load it. If there is not enough memory available to load the

image, WolfEdit will try to clear some memory by removing an image that

hasn't been modified. If all the images in memory have been modified,

WolfEdit won't load the new image, and a message will be displayed in

the edit window to this effect.


Below the edit window, there are two rows of buttons. The top row are

for selecting the edit tool. Initially, the "pencil" tool is selected.

The second row of buttons are for selecting various file functions:

GIF IMPORT: (GIF with up arrow)

Load in a portion of a GIF file into the current image. If the GIF

was created with the GIF EXPORT function, it will be loaded into the

current image automatically. If it is not a GIF that was created by

WolfEdit, it will be displayed on a separate screen, and you will

select the 64x64 section to copy into the image. If the GIF selected

is larger than 320x200 or 320x240 (depending on which video mode WolfEdit

is running in), only the upper-left 320x200 or 320x240 portion of the

GIF will be displayed.

When loading a GIF, it must be converted to use the palette that Wolf3D

uses. This will cause some noticable differences in the GIF.

When loading a GIF into an object image (guard, table, etc), you will have

to paint the transparent parts yourself. If you don't, the image will be

to big to save.

GIF EXPORT: (GIF with down arrow)

Saves the current image to a GIF file.


If no images are modified, clicking on this button will have no effect.

If the image currently displayed has not been modified, the display

will switch to the first modified image in the list. Then the following

window will appear:

Save changes:


SAVE - save the current image. If no more are modified, control

returns to the editor, otherwise go to the next modified


SKIP - go to the next modified image. If there are no more

modified images, this has no effect.

DONE - return to normal operation.

QUIT: (dos prompt)

Exit WolfEdit. If there are any modified images in memory, you will

be prompted with:

Save changes?


YES - identical to clicking on the "save changes" button,

with the exception that after the last modified image

has been saved, the program will exit. If you click

on "DONE" while there are still modified images, you

will be returned to the above prompt.

NO - exits without saving the changed images.

CANCEL - returns to the editor.


If you do not have a mouse, WolfEdit will turn on the keyboard mouse

emulator. The emulator will let you use the arrow keys in place of the

mouse. Holding down more than one arrow key, or using the HOME, PGUP,

PGDN, and END keys will move the mouse diagonally.

Also, the keys Q,A,[, and ] will function as the UP,DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT

arrow keys.

The emulator has three different button modes:

mode left button right button

-------- ----- ------ ------

1 Left ALT Right ALT

2 Left CTRL Left ALT

3 Right ALT Right CTRL

WolfEdit starts in button mode 1, and can be switched to other modes

by pressing F1, F2, or F3.

-------- ----- ------ -------- ----- ------ --------

If you have comments, suggestions, or find any bugs, I can be reached

via e-mail at:

or s088536@umrvmb.bitnet

If you find a GIF that WolfEdit can't load, I would appreciate it if you

send me a copy (uuencoded), or send e-mail telling me where I can find it

via ftp.


Bill Kirby

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