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Hobbies, Leisure Activities, Sport


Hobbies, Leisure Activities, Sport

When I was a child and I went to Primary school, I had enough free time "enough" and I had a lot of hobbies. With my friends I played football, we rode our bikes. Our family liked going to the mountains. In winter we went for skiing very often. In summer we went to a dam-lake and we swam, or we also went to the mountains because we liked hiking. In autumn my father taught me to pick up mushrooms. I also collected stamps.

When I started studying at secondary school I had much less free time for 11411o1413l my hobbies. I had a lot of homework and when my father bought me my first computer, my leisure activities completely changed. I liked spending my free time plying games on the computer. My father wanted me to go to the mountains, to ski, to swim but I didn't. Now I am short of time and I am lazy to do any sport. I like watching some sports and games on TV - ice hockey, Formula 1, the Olympic games (both summer and winter). I don't like football very much because I think it is much slower than ice -hockey. I am proud of the Czech ice-hockey players. Sometimes (but not very often) I go to the mountains, I have tried to ride a mountain bike and I can say it was very funny. In summer I like swimming so I often go to the swimming pool. My hobby is also gardening and I have many possibilities for gardening because we have a large garden. We have also two greenhouses and I grow there tomatoes, cucumbers and capsicums. I like growing flowers too, especially roses, tulips, daffodils, sunflowers ... I also like spending the time on social contact on free days. I visit my friends, or we go together to a restaurant, or in summer we organize a barbecue in our garden. Sometimes I watch films . but my great hobby is my computer. I like surfing the Internet to research information for my PhD program project. Because we live in a detached house I have to do all the repairs about the house - for example carpentry, decorating, electric installations, plumbing but I can say I like it.

Nowadays young people, especially teenagers like dancing, listening to music, going to the discos or parties.

When I was little I remember I had many good friends. We played all games, which are well known. We played as soldiers, hide-and-seek and so on. Next we played many types of sport. Football, soft-tennis, end-ball. In this time I started my collector's life. First almost everybody collected stamps. We could buy it at special shop, in post office or sometimes I even unsticked stamps from the letters. When I was 15 I gave up stamp collecting. In the 80s there was a style to collect cecka. Everybody wanted to be in so collected cecka. Cecko is pieces of the plastic formed to look like the letter c or later it was also another forms. This time is far gone, but one thing is the same - I like sport. I watch on TV ice hockey, Formula 1 Championship and of course Olympic Games (both summer and winter). I don't like football very much because I think it is much slower game than for example ice hockey. Of course ice hockey and football is most popular in Czech republic. Well... I am a fan of entire Czech hockey. I am glad to live in times, when the Czech team is the best all around the world.

During my studying on secondary school I didn't do any active sports and I watch sport on TV only. I did only some sport recreative for example cycling and swimming. When I began to study at university I missed some sport. After I graduated then I started to study PhD program I found out that sport is very important part of my life. Sport gives me not only pleasure but also relaxing from mental work at university. My favorite sport is cycling especially on mountains and I did it with my friends during holidays. I have to mention swimming too because I love swimming. My another different hobby is computers. It is maybe my biggest hobby. I am interested in computers for a long time from my 15 years old, when I gave my first personal computer. Mozná popsat jestě

When I was younger I used to play a lot of games on my computer, but now situation is changed I use mostly computer especially to solve problems with my study I mean simulating, preparing some papers and so on. Of course I use it to listen to the music and to play movies. I have many movies in English downloaded from Internet and I connected my computer with TV and conclusion is following: I can watch the movies on TV. In the end I want to say something about my very special hobby, which is gardening. Taky jestě popsat + slovíčka

So as you can see my hobbies are very various and I am satisfied by it. I have never liked travelling. I know it's very popular hobby, but I didn't like it. I think that I can use more effective earned money than by travel. However now I would like to visit some country where is spoken in English to improve my English knowledge. Except Britain, USA or Canada.

I know in England is not only popular football, but rugby, fishing, cricket, rowing, horse-riding are popular as well. Some sports are very dangerous. Many people look for adrenaline sport like bun gee - jumping. Well... I don't like those sports. To do some sport you can visit many places, for example gyms, bowling arenas, ice hockey stadiums. Some disciplines of athletics. Runs on different distances, weight, pole-jump, high-jump, long-jump, javelin throw.

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