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Needs In Bodybuilding


Needs In Bodybuilding
by Weight-lifter, Anton Hutchinson (AJ)

To be a bodybuilder or even better, a good or successful bodybuilder you require certain things to have and do to get the best gains and carry on going right through your career and be successful. Below are 10 needs in Bodybuilding in order to be successful. These won't be saying you must do a certain exercise 14314b122o to do or a supplement to take. These 10 things everyone needs to be the best they possibly can.

1. Dedication: "Dedication is the Key" a very true saying in bodybuilding. Dedication is like the backbone for bodybuilders. Without dedication you wont succeed and can't keep yourself going through each rep, set, show, diet or lifestyle. Dedication must be there u need to be dedicated to the game if you want to play it. If you not dedicated your as good as dead.

2. Patience: Now this is hard. You train 5 long hard days one week and dont see much happening on your body but be patient and time will take its toll. Especially in a cutting period. If you want to be cut you need a low body fat. So first you need to get your body fat down then start the cutting phase. This will take time and you need the patience. Patience is also needed in most aspects of bodybuilding. Be Patient and be Perfect after all the hard work.

3.Good Form: What's the point in playing soccer if you can't kick a ball or what's the point in playing tennis if you have no hand-eye co-ordination? The same type of question can be asked about bodybuilding. What's the point of bodybuilding if you don't lift properly or with bad form? Good Form is require to see any gains. Moderate weight, slow reps, 8-12 reps. Heavy weight, slow reps, 4-8 reps. This is good form working the muscle hard at all times. Slow and controlled reps = Good Form.

4. Goals: Goals are by you to aim at. Just like darts the goal is treble 20 and basketball the goal is the basket. See or set the goal/target, work your way towards it and score by hitting hit or reaching it. Simple. The goals you want to set are short term goals like getting to a certain weight or body fat within a month or 2. Set your goal and go get it !!

5. Motivation: Every so often you get bored, go off form or just feel down. Motivation helps get over it. It's a booster, but you always want to be motivated so you are always boosted and always do your best. Motivation will push you that little extra. For motivation buy posters, listen to music, go to shows or read magazines. There are lots of options. Dedication + Motivation = a boost of confidence which makes you strive to be the best you can.

6. Healthy Diet/Nutrition: The weight training part of bodybuilding is like the engine of a car. As you get a bigger engine the better the car gets. However for the engine to run it needs petrol (gas as you call it in the states). Just the same as bodybuilding we need food for us to function and get energy. Our food needs to be healthy though. Our food intake plays an important factor in our bodybuilding lifestyle. A healthy balanced diet is required for maximum gains. Find out about nutrition around there's loads.

7. Stay Natural: Although this isn't a must it is a healthier choice rather than using steroids. People bodybuild to be healthy. When you hear the term bodybuilder you think of muscles and health. Well I do anyway. However others think steroids, mass monsters and death. This refers to the pro's and those who 'juice'. This isn't natural, is dangerous and illegal. User's of steroids have no faith in themselves and don't think they have the potential to be successful without steroids. However they suffer from severe side effects and life threatening diseases. Be healthy, be NATURAL!!!

For info on steroids look around the site there is lots of pages about them.

8. Rest: You need to rest to let your muscles grow. Your muscles don't grow in the gym they grow while you are asleep. Resting also allows you to recover properly. In order to recover properly and allow your muscles to grow many suggest 8 hours+ of sleep.

9. Learn: No matter how qualified you think you are you will never know everything about bodybuilding. There is so much to learn. So much you will learn al of your bodybuilding years. I am always learning. You will learn all the time too. You will find out what you are doing right and wrong. New supplements are always being introduced too. I have no idea about the stuff that's in all these supplements and everyone bangs on about them and to me it's all bullshit but they sound like they know what they are sayin'.

10. Enjoy It: You need to enjoy bodybuilding if you want to be the best you can be. Enjoy it in the gym, enjoy the food and enjoy the contests if you choose to enter. If you don't enjoy this lifestyle you wont be dedicated, inspired or motivated. You will hold yourself back saying I can't be bothered. Look at all successful bodybuilders, they train hard, eat right and enjoy it. That's why they are the best at what they do. If you enjoy it then you can be the best you possibly can be too.

Keeping the 10 factors in mind you will strive to survive in the huge world of bodybuilding bringing yourself success on the way.

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