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The Past Tense


The Past Tense

Simple: regular verbs, irregular verbs (te uiti tu la ele care sunt)


1.a completed action in a past period of time

Eg: He said goodbye and left.

2.a repeated action in the past (also used with: used to/ would + vb inf)

Eg: He came every Saturday to great us.

He used to come every Saturday to great us.

He would come every Saturday to great us.

3.past tense with present meaning

a)      after the past tense in PP (propozitia principala) to show simultaneous action.

Eg: He said he lived far from school.

She told me her brother was an architect.

b)      in time clauses after the past tense in PP.

Eg: He promised that he would come when he was free.(valoare de viitor)

He said he will call you when he finished his work.(valoare de viitor)

Continous: to be (past tense)+vb inf uncompleted action in the past when another action takes place or at a certain moment in the past

Eg: He was writing when I opened the door.

She was waiting for me at ten o'clock yesterday. (ma astepta inca)

2. two uncompleted actions in the past linked by while

Eg: He was learning while Ann was watching TV.

3.a future action seen from a past moment

Eg: He said he was leaving the next day.

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