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Olimpiada de limba engleza Clasa a 7-a

profesor scoala

Inspectoratul Scolar Judetean Cluj

Olimpiada de limba engleza

Clasa a 7-a

Etapa locala - 25 februarie 2006

Varianta I

I. Read the following text and write the right answer A, B, C or D on the separate answer sheet:

1. Adam Randall was a a) rock star.

b) fisherman.

c) psychologist.

d) wizard.

2. Father-in-law means a) stepfather.

b) the father of somebody's wife.

c) somebody's father who is a lawyer.

d) your father's business partner.

3. Andrea Gail is a) a knight with a sword.

b) a beautiful girl.

c) a swordfishing boat.

d) a fisherman's wife.

4. What is Adam's intention? a) He wants to go on a fishing trip.

b) He is going to die.

c) He doesn't tell the others about his strange feeling.

d) He is not going to tell the other members of the crew about his strange feeling.

5. "Finally" means a) eventually c) lately

b) actually d) recently

II. Circle the right letter:

1. Tomorrow, I'll give you the money you

A. borrowed B. owe C. lent

2. Stop.................... nonsense!

A. telling B. talking C. saying

3. Which of the two cakes do you want to buy? ..................

A. Neither one B. None C. Neither

4.The police .............. caught the burglars.

A. has B. was C. have

5. He a dog.

A. will bite B. bites C. was bitten

6. ................ help you find a good job?

A. Do you need my B. Shall I C. Will I

7. He's not very rich. On the contrary, he has ................ money.

A . a little B. few C. little

8. ..............many photographs since you came here?

A. Have you taken B. Had you taken C. Did you take

9. the typewriter if he had the money.

A. could B. can C. will

10. The the fence.

A. felt B. was fallen C. fell

11. I`ll ring you when I ... ..the hotel.

A. arrive at B. will arrive at C. will arrive to

12. I....... a lot of English recently.

A. have learnt B. am learning C. had learnt

13. This is my ....... book.

A. favourable B. favourite C. preferred

14. His hobby is ........

A. to read B. to reading C. reading

15. I saw him while the park.

A. walked B. walking C. was walking

III. Continue the given beginning with a narrative composition of about 180 words (Note: don`t include the beginning in the 180 words):

I can still remember that day in April when my friend and I were riding along a country road when suddenly.

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