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Well, first, I would like to begin with the problem of the buildings. I actually think that the school buildings should be renovated because they are in a lamentable state. I did some internet research about schools in North-America and I saw some remarkable things. Here are some exam 12312h78m ples of their organisation. Almost every teacher has his own class, and there are the children that go to their teacher's classes, like at the university. Each class lasts seventy-five minutes. They start their classes at 9:10 am and they finish them at 4:10pm. They have four subjects per day, and of course they breaks of 15 minutes between the first two classes, between the second and the third they have the lunch break that lasts for an hour and a half, and another 15 minutes between the last two periods(because that is how they call they classes).

This could be an idea for the schedule. Another thing, there should be lockers, to put our books in, and our jackets in winter; things that we don't use very often so that we won't carry them home every day.

The connection between the teacher and the student's family must be quite close. The student's parents should know what happens at school with his child. If he understands well, if he needs help at home, about his marks. The school should also organise trips in order to make children know each other better, and to develop the sense of working in team. This connection can be made by letters or by e-mail, or why not, on the school's website. Every parent should have an ID to enter the school's website and to be allowed to access all the information regarding his child.

Here we are at the "marks" chapter. In my opinion students should get grades only on their exams, oral comprehensions, projects, and some of the homework. I personally don't agree with "surprise tests", actually who does? I am sure that students will be much prepared for an exam if they will know about it two weeks in advance. Everybody will have higher marks, the teacher will feel accomplished and happy that his student really likes, or does efforts for his subject.

Well, that was, in a few words what I would like as a school for my children later on.

Birta Daniela, cls: XII C

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