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Disciplina : LIMBA ENGLEZA

Anul I

1) Grammar: Correct / Incorrect

He and me volunteered to go.

2) Grammar: Correct / Incorrect

The family was seated at the dinner table.

3) Grammar: (Correct / Incorrect):

Fred is taller than I.

4) Grammar: Correct / Incorrect

The dance hall looked beautifully.

1) Complete the definitions by choosing the correct alternatives:

A manager who leaves a company earlier than planned may receive a pay-off

1 pay-in

2 pay-off

3 pay-down

2) Since ancient times, silver is known to human beings.

1 is known

2 has been known

3 is being known

4 has been knowing

3) Yesterday I felt a little ill and today I feel worse

1 more ill

2 most ill

3 worse

4 worst

4) William I (the Conqueror) of England was a Saxon

1 Roman

2 Saxon

3 Dane

4 Norman

5 Vandal

5) Ar fi putut afla cifra de afaceri daca ar fi cautat in foaia de calcul

1 He could have found out the turnover if he had looked at the spreadsheet

2 He could find out the turnover if he looked at the spreadsheet

3 He could have found out the turnover looking at the spreadsheet

4 He could have found out the turnover if he has looked at the spreadsheet.

6) Since import regulations have been relaxed it has become Easier to work in the Egyptian market

1 More easy

2 More difficult

3 More easier

4 Easier

5 Difficult

7) If you move to another company, you join it

1 joint it

2 join it

3 joist it

8) If you leave a company because you want to , you join it

1 resignate

2 rescind

3 resign

9) Choose the correct form:

It is a big decision to choose an university

1 an university

2 a university

10) Choose the correct form:

He had to balance his account very carefully because he had little money

1 few money

2 little money

11) Choose the correct form:

I'll call you back in an hour

1 a hour

2 an hour

12) Reading Comprehension

Pestalozzi (1746-1827) was influenced by Rousseau in adopting an educational philosophy based on the needs of the child. Pestalozzi recognized the dependence of the child on society for the development of effective personal growth. His most famous work was Leonard and Gertrude (1781).

This passage is least likely to appear in which of the following?

1 An introduction to Pestalozzi's Leonard and Gertrude

2 An article surveying the influence of society on the personal growth of children

3 An essay describing the influence of Rousseau's educational philosophy

4 A journal of the history of education

5 The history of seventeenth-century Italy

13) Reading Comprehension

We should spend more time enjoying life than preparing for its challenges, but sometimes

we don't. For example, toward the end of every semester, all students at the university are

tired and grumpy because they have spent long nights preparing for final exams.

Consequently, they rarely look back on college as a time spent enjoying good fellowship and fine entertainment.

Question: To agree with this author, we must accept which of the following implications of his or her argument ?

1 It is only worthwhile to prepare for enjoyment.

2 School examinations do not require preparation.

3 Preparation is inappropriate only toward the end of the semester

4 The result of preparation for exams is fatigue.

5 College students 10510j93k study too much

14) In the following sentences one of the tenses is wrong. Say which one?

1 What have you been doing since I last saw you?

2 What did you do since I last saw you?

15) In the following sentences one of the tenses is WRONG. Say which one?

1 My first job was in a factory. I did it for three months.

2 My first job was in a factory. I've done it for three months

16) Choose the most suitable words :

The Houses of Parliament lie at the end of Whitehall, don't they

1 don't it ?

2 don't they

3 isn't it?

4 aren't they?

17) Compaq Makes computers.

1 Is making

2 Makes

3 Does

4 Is doing

18) Put the verb into the correct tense

Go down this road, turn right, and the road leads (lead) straight to the industrial estate.

1 is leading

2 leads

3 lead

4 is lead

19) Reading Comprehension

In modern society, those who are most adaptable to both an inflating economy and the decreasing value of the individual will survive in comfort. It is these survivors who will have the most value in the future.

The kind of value that the survivors possess is Comfortable:

1 Inflating

2 Decreasing

3 Individual

4 Comfortable

5 Unstated

20) Complete the sentence with the best form of the verb in brackets .

After she had made (make) a few notes , she started (start) writing the introduction to the report.

1 had made....had started

2 made...started

3 had made....started

4 has made....had started

21) Complete the sentence with the best form of the verb in brackets .

have you ever taken (you /ever/take) the Eurostar to Brussels?

1 did you ever take

2 did you ever taken

3 have you ever taken

4 have you ever take

22) Complete the sentence with the best form of the verb in brackets .

Unemployment has gone up (go up) by 2% since March

1 has gone up

2 has went up

3 went up

4 was going up

23) Complete the sentence with the best form of the verb in brackets .

I have never seen (never / see ) such a boring presentation

1 never see

2 never saw

3 never seen

4 have never seen

5 was never seeing

24) Complete the second sentence so it has a similar meaning to the fist sentence.

There was a slight fall in profits in March

In March 2005 profits have never seen

1 Fall slight

2 Fall slightly

3 Fell slight

4 Fell slightly

5 Have fallen slightly

25) We set up the Amsterdam office 6 years ago.

1 in

2 at

3 up

4 through

26) We are not interested in your problems.

1 in

2 at

3 through

4 out of

27) I am quite happy to listen to what you have to say.

1 to

2 at

3 in

4 on

28) The Oxford University was founded in the thirteenth century.

1 founded

2 found

3 finded

4 renovated

29) The news is. interesting

1 is

2 are

3 are being

30) Your luggage is not heavy.

1 are

2 is

3 is being

31) How ............. have you got with you?

1 many luggages

2 much luggage

3 many luggage

32) ...... life can't be explained by any scientist.

1 The

3 some

33) - joy is the outcome of success.

2 the

3 a

34) The sooner you go to the dentist the shorter the treatment.

1 shorter

2 the shorter

3 shortest

35) Water freezes at a temperature of 0 degrees C.

1 be freezing

2 freezes

3 is freezing

36) How long does the train take to get there?

1 is

2 are

3 does

37) Suppose 4 people have to split 50 hours of overtime. Twice the number of hours must be assigned to one worker as to each of the other three. Find the number of hours of overtime that will be assigned to each worker.(presupunem ca 4 oameni trebuie sa imparta 50 de ore suplimentare. Dublul numarului orelor trebuie oferit unuia cat si celorlalti 3. Gasiti nr orelor suplimentare care va reveni fiecarui muncitor ..MMMMMMMMM, asta m-a spart, nu am fost in stre decat s ail traduc, restul tu esti cu matem

1 10 hrs. for the first three workers;

20 hrs. for the 4th worker

3 9 hrs. for the first three workers;

18 hrs. for the 4th worker

2 8 hrs. for the first three workers;

16 hrs. for the 4th worker

4 11 hrs. for the first three workers;

22 hrs. for the 4th worker

38) The bus takes two hours to get there.

1 takes

2 is taking

3 is

39) If you move to another company, you Join it

1 Joint it

2 Join it

3 Joist it

40) Martha has no brothers or sisters. She is a single child

1 a single child

2 a lonely child

3 alone child

4 an only child

41) Her phone has been ringing for ten minutes. I wonder why she doesn't answer it.

1 is ringing

2 has been ringing

3 rang

4 has being ringing

42) Come in! I have just been reading the book you gave me.

1 had just been reading

2 have just been reading

3 read

4 am just been reading

43) All the members of our football team are related by marriage

1 by

2 to

3 on

44) No one would help us, so we had to do it ourselves

1 us

2 ourself

3 ourselves

45) A student in that all-women's college should have no fears about his future.

1 her

2 they

3 their

4 his

46) Neither George nor I am responsible for this mess.

1 I

2 me

3 my

4 myself

47) My great-great-great grandfather fought at the Battle of Waterloo.

1 grand grand grand

2 great grand grand

3 great-great-great

48) Paul comes from a broken home; he has lived with a number of foster parents.

1 loan

2 foster

3 second-hand

49) Mary was from a single-parent family; now she's looked after by her warden

1 keeper

2 guardian

3 warden

50) When Mother remarried, her second husband, my.....gave me a new bicycle

1 forefather

2 stepfather

3 grandfather

51) I had lived in Bucharest for ten years from 1995 to 2005

1 have lived

2 lived

3 have living

4 had lived

52) All your advice has helped me

1 advice has helped me

2 advices have helped me

3 advices has helped me

53) The watch I bought is fine but the strap won't go round my wrist

1 waist

2 wrist

3 elbow

4 arm

54) A college that administered two tests to 100 freshmen got the follwing results:

14 failed both exams; 28 failed the mathematics exam; 33 failed the English exam. The number of students who passed both exams is (un colegiu a testat 100 de boboci si au avut urmat rezultate:14 au cazut ambele teste, 28 au cazut testyul al matem, 33 au cazut exam la engl, nr de studenti care au luat ambele exam este)

55) Would you mind closing the door on your way out?

1 please

2 care

3 mind

4 kindly

56) It had been raining all night and in the morning, the streets were flooded.

1 has

2 had

3 was

4 will have

57) I had been waiting in the rain for ages when she finally turned up.

1 had been waiting

2 waited

3 have been waiting

4 was waiting

58) The president appoints the cabinet members, but their appointments are subject to Senate approval.

1 with their

2 because their

3 but their

4 his

59) To change 3 miles to inches, you should(pt a transforma3 mile in inch, trebuie sa..)

1 Multiply 3 times 5,280

2 Multiply 3 times 5.280 and then divide by 12

3 Multiply 3 times 5.280 and then multiply by 12

4 Divide 3 into 5,280 and then multiply by 12

5 Divide 3 into 12 and then multiply by 5,280

60) O expresie des intalnita in finalul scrisorilor de afaceri

We look forward To hearing from you soon

1 Hear

2 To hearing

3 Hearing

4 To hear

61) Which is correct?

The sun rises in the East

1 is rising

2 rises in the East

62) It is estimated that at a picnic each adult will drink one-fifth of a gallon of lemonade. How many gallons of lemonade should be brought to the picnic if 28 people, all adults, are expected to attend.(se presupune ca la un picnic un adult bea 1/5 de gallon de lemonade. Cata lemonade trebuie adusa pt 28 de pers?)

1 3 4 between 6 and 7

2 between 3 and 4 5 more than 7

3 between 5 and 6

63) In five of the following sentences the Present Continuous is used incorrectly. Mark the five incorrect


a. He's thinking about Helen. That's why he's sad.

b. They are watching television

c. I'm not understanding this exercise

d. She's liking the film

e. The roses are smelling sweet

f. The seasons are changing four times a year

g. I'm having a new bicycle.

1 a, b, d, e, g

2 c, d, f, g

3 c, d, e, f, g

4 b, c, d, e, g

5 a, c, d, e, f

64) Who is the fastest runner in your school?

1 faster

2 more fast

3 fastest

65) My first name is Ionescu

1 first 3 full

2 last 4 official

66) She has a very good job. I'm sure she earns over twenty thousand pounds.

1 receives 3 wins

2 earns 4 gains

67) My first name is Ionescu

1 first 3 full

2 last 4 official

68) If Sara flips a two sided coin three times what are the odds of getting three heads in a row?

69) Reading Comprehension

San Francisco was named the world's favourite travel destination in the prestigious 2001 Conde Nast Traveler magazine poll. It was considered the best city in the world that year,beating Florence, Italy.,(No. 2) and London and Vienna which tied for No. 3. A red-carpet gala in the City Hall rotunda is planned in which Mayor Johnson will laud the city's 60,000 tourism industry workers including hotel maids, taxi drivers, bellhops, and others in the local hospitality industry.

a. The prestigious citation for the city of San Francisco could mean in practical


1 Increasing tourism attractions for city

runner-ups in the poll

4 More tourists will come to the city

2 More openings for tourism industry


5 More money coming to the city from its

tourism industry

3 Higher pay demands from hotel maids,

bellhops, and other workers

1) George scored an average of 80% on three tests. What score must he get on the fourth test to bring his average to 85%.(G. a facut un procentaj de 80% din 3 teste. Ce scor trebuie sa obtina la al 4-lea test ca sa ridice procentajul la 85%)


2) Amanda is making a salad from the following ingredients: three different kinds of lettuce, three different kinds of tomatoes, and four diferrent kinds of beans. If she wishes to use only one kind of lettuce, one kind of tomato, and one kind of beans, how many different combinations of salads can she possibly make?

Scrieti numai CIFRA !(A. face o salata din urmat ingrediente: 3 tipuri diferite de salat verde, 3 tipuri dif de rosii si 4 tipuri dif de fasole. Daca doreste sa fold oar un sg tip de salata, rosii si fasole, cate combinatii de salate poate realize?)

3) How long will it take a school bus averaging 40 miles per hour to reach its destination 10 miles away?Cat ii trebuie unui autobus cu 40 mile pe ora sa ajunga la destinatie la o dist de 10 mile?

Scrieti cifra urmata de ore si / sau minute in lb. engleza.

One tour and fifteen minutes

4) In a senior class of 800, only 240 decide to attend the senior prom. What percentage of the senior class attended the senior prom?(Intr-o clasa de 800 de pers, doar 240 vor promova. Care e procentajul ?)

Scrieti numai procentajul FARA %

5) What is the simple interest on a $40,000 savings account over 3 years if the interest rate is 2% quarterly.(Care este dobanda la un cont de 40.000 peste 3 ani, daca rata dobanzii este e 2% trimestrial)


1) Use the best-suited form of the ADVERBS in brackets. Write only the correct form of the adverb !

Bob spoke (fast) faster than Paul.

2) Use the best-suited form of the ADVERBS in brackets-Write only the CORRECT FORM OF THE ADVERB

Bill jumped across that fence (easy) easier than his brother Ralph

3) Complete the sentence below by inserting the right derivative of the verb in the brackets.

To get the loan we had to use the new lorry as secure as possible.(secure

4) Complete the sentences by putting the verbs into the most appropriate future form. Choose between will, going to and the present continuous.

Have you heard the news? Progresul s.a. is going to buy(buy) Rodipet.

5) Insert the right preposition

The advantage ....of.....having free time is that you can do anything you want with it.

6) The money that is the difference between the cost and the money you offer in payment is your...VAT(value added tax)..

7) My daughter's son is my .grandson

8) Decide on the correct adjective order for each of the items below:

striped / jeans / she / is / tight / wearing She is wearing tight, striped jeans.

9) Decide on the correct adjective order for each of the items below

Scrieti fie toate cuvintele in ordinea CORECTA fara NUMEROTARE

Sau Scrieti numai numerotarea in ORDINEA CERUTA lasind un spatiu intre litere!

a. lawyer / b. Armenian / c. clever / d. a / e. middle-aged (a clever, middle-aged Armenian lawyer)

10) Decide on the correct adjective order for each of the items below

a (an) / Dutch / attractive / girl / 23-year-old (a 23-year-old, attractive, Dutch girl)

11) Correct the bad expressions in these sentences to build proper English compounds related to Human Resources.

Scrieti in intregime, in ordine, numai EXPRESIILE evidentiate las nd un singur spatiu intre cuvinte.!! Nu folositi nici un fel de articol sau numerotare !

a. Maternity go is a period in which a woman is absent from work in the weeks before and after she gives birth.

b. A small list is a list of people who have been judged the most suitable for a job.

c. A job prescription is a list of the responsibilities which you have to perform in your work.

12) Completati corect propozitia cu ntrebarea disjunctiva aferenta (nu-i asa).

Nu folositi semne de punctuatie !

Nothing happened,..did it

13) Completa i corect propozitia cu ntrebarea disjunctiva aferenta (nu-i asa).

Nu folosi i semne de punctua ie !

You've just been to Austria., haven t you

14) Ask an appropriate question for the response .

Nu folosi i semne de punctua ie !

I usually get up at 7 o'clock. .....What time do you usually get up?

15) Ask an appropriate question for the response.

Nu folosi i semne de punctua ie !

The room costs $25 per night....How much does the room cost per night?

16) Traducet urmatorul raspuns scurt folosind una din constructiile gramaticale studiate. Nu folosi i semne de punctua ie ! Scrie i numai raspunsul scurt!

- Nu am nici o sora ( I have no sister)

- Nici eu! (Neither do I)

17) Traduce i urmatorul raspuns scurt folosind una din construc iile gramaticale studiate Nu folosi i semne de punctua ie ! Scrie i numai raspunsul scurt!

- Ea va intra in armata (she will join the army)

- Si eu! (So do I)

18) CORRECT THE MISTAKES (IF ANY) and rewrite the following sentence. If the sentence is correct write a "C" .

My street is ending in a square My street ends in a square.

19) CORRECT THE MISTAKES (IF ANY) and rewrite the following sentence. If the sentence is correct write a "C".

The water is boiling at 100 degrees C. The water boils at 1000C

20) CORRECT THE MISTAKES (IF ANY) and rewrite the following sentences. If the sentence is correct write a "C". Nu folositi semne de punctuatie !!

Do you have an information about it? Do you have any information about it?

21) Use the best-suited form of the ADVERB in brackets. Rewrite the whole sentence !

Harry and she were (much) in love ever. Harry and she were more in love than ever

22) Use the best-suited form of the ADVERBS in brackets. Write the whole sentence !

(Early) we begin (soon) we'll be ready. The earlier we begin, the sooner we ll end

23) Completati traducerea in limba engleza. Scrieti NUMAI CUVINTELE NETRADUSE !!

Presedintele nostru se pl nge mereu de calitatea materiilor prime.

Our chairman.......... ..... ...... .................. the quality of raw materials

24) Match the words and expressions in the box with the heading below- ( choose 3 words).

people looking for work : ........

bonus applicants shortlist candidates advertisement

interview interviewees interviewers diploma salary


25) Match the words and expressions in the box with the heading below-( choose 3 words in proper order).

stages in recruiting: ........

job seekers bonus applicants shortlist candidates

advertisement interview pension plan health insurance

interviewees interviewers diploma salary wages

applicants short, list, interview

26) Complete the sentences by putting the verbs into the most appropriate future form. Choose between will, going to and the present continuous.

Would you mind waiting for a moment? I____won t    be_________ (not be) long.

27) Put the following words in order to make a question. Remember to conjugate the verb and add an auxiliary verb if required.

He / who / visit / last / week Who did he visit last week?

28) Put the following words in order to make a question. Remember to conjugate the verb and add what is necessary if required.

Book / they / read / which / for / class / are Which books are they reading for class?

29) Complete the following sentence with a suitable word or phrase.

Nu folositi numerotarea. Scrieti in ordine cuvintele cerute.

a. When the phone is not working we say it's .out of order.....

b. When you make a telephone call you lift the .receiver....., then .dial....the number.

30) There is a ..(1)... of twins in our family -on my father's ...(2)

Nu folositi numerotarea. Scrieti numai cele doua cuvinte

a) story b) geography c) history d) tree e) side f) line

31) Traduce i:

Nu folositi numerotarea. Scrieti in ordine numai cuvintele

1. o foaie de ziar sheet of paper

2. o felie de paine slice of bread

3. un cub de zahar lump of sugar

32) Traduce i: ( nu folosi i cuvintul "piece"

Nu folositi numerotarea. Scrieti in ordine numai cuvintele! Lasati un singur spatiu intre cuvinte!

a. un teanc de bancnote

b. o ciocolata (intreaga)

c. o bucatica (un patratel) de ciocolata

stack of money;bar of chocolate; a portion of chocolate

33) Making a call to a place far away is called a .long distance call

34) Traduceti urmatoarea propozitie scurta. NU UTILIZATI SEMNE DE PUNCTUATIE !

Pot sa las un mesaj?.........Can I leave a message?

35) The man who receives the rent is your ..owner

36) Shops where you can help yourself are.

37) Sam has a brother, George, who hasn't married yet. He is still.a bachelor.

38) Traduce i in lb.engleza

John a cumparat doua paini (Jon has bought two loaves of bread.)

39) Correct the mistakes (if any) in the following sentence: If the sentence is correct write a "C", if it is wrong rewrite the whole sentence

Either of these buses go past the university. None of these buses go past the university

40) What is the percentage decrease of a $500 item on sale for $400?Care este procentajul de reducere a unui articol de 500$ la vanzare cu pretul de 400$?


41) Transformati urmatoarele propozitii astfel ca sensul sa ramana neschimbat

At work I type letters and answer phone calls

My job involves ..typing letters and answering the phone calls.............

42) Scrie i in litere urmatoarea suma: 234,700,000 Two hundred and thirty-four million, and seven hundred thousand

43) Give the opposite of the following word(s) using the appropriate prefix(es).

Nu folositi numerotarea !

1. Legal illegal

2. successful unsuccessful

3. honest dishonest

44) Give the opposite of the following word(s) using the appropriate prefix.

Nu folositi numerotarea.

1. appropriate inappropriate

2. responsible irresponsible

45) Some of the sentences in this exercise are correct. Some are incorrect. Find the incorrect sentences:

Lasati un spatiu intre cifre !!

1. A war is as old as mankind. War is as old as mankind.

2. Since the earth is spherical, the larger the area the worse the distortion on a flat map

3. A usual treatment for the flu is to drink plenty of liquids.

4. We are supposed to have sunshine this weekend (fara artic. a)

5. The narrower the lens diameter, the greater the depth of field.

6. happiness means different things to different people.    (fara the)

7. progress has been made toward finding a cure for TB. (fara artic. a)

8 I am having dinner in town.

9. She walks to work.

46) Completati corect propozitia cu ntrebarea disjunctiva aferenta (nu-i asa).

Nu folosi i semne de punctua ie !

They will hire me...won t they.............?

47) Completa i corect propozi ia cu ntrebarea disjunctiva aferenta (nu-i asa).

Nu folosi i semne de punctua ie !

Not all Belgians speak they..........?

48) Traduceti: Am douazeci si cinci de ani. I am twenty-five years old.

49) Expressing numbers: Common fractions and decimals: (Scrieti in litere)

six and a quarter

50) Expressing numbers: Common fractions and decimals: (Scrieti in litere)

5/8 five eighth

51) Expressing numbers: Percentages: (Scrieti in litere)

0.25% zero point twenty-five percentage

52) Expressing numbers: Percentages: (Scrieti in litere)

0.1% zero point one percentage

53) Grammar: Question tags

Completati enuntul cu o intrebare disjunctiva (nu-i asa?)

You went to the conference, didn t you

54) General English (functional vocabulary).

Information about tomorrow's weather is called the forecast

55) Traduceti urmatoarea expresie:

-o gama larga de a wide range of

56) Express the following measurement in the Imperial system of weights and measurements (based on inches, feet, miles, pounds, etc). They are widely used in every day situations. Translate into English:

Am 1,75 m in inaltime (scrieti numai cifrele-aproximative- si unitatile de masura aferente)

I am height

Match the job titles with the job descriptions (a-i)

1 Auditor

2 Bank manager

3 Accountant -

4 Management consultant

5 Receptionist

6 Civil engineer

7 Sales Representative

8 General practitioner

9 Bank teller

10 Bookkeeper -

1) I specialise in advising on management reporting systems.

2) I obtain and record financial records.

3) We build bridges

4) We examine and (usually) approve a company's financial records

5) I receive and pay out money in a bank

6) I have about 500 patients on my list.

7) I visit all my clients four or five times a year to tell them about our latest products.

8) I welcome and deal with people arriving in the office building

9) We are always ready to discuss lending possibilities with our clients

10) I draw up and check financial statements, calculate tax, and the unit cost of products

Match the form of revenue with the right recipient

1 retired employee

2 shareholders

3 sales representative

4 government

5 blue-collar worker

6 student

7 financial adviser

8 author

9 laid off employee

10 white-collar worker

11) commission

12) wages

13) salary

14) fees

15) royalty

16) redundancy pay

17) tax

18) grant

19) pension

20) dividend

Match the opening and closing greetings.

1 Take care / Best wishes / all the best-

2 Yours sincerely / Kind Regards

3 Yours faithfully

21) Dear Sirs / Dear Sir or Madam /Ladies and Gentlemen

22) Hi Susan / Dear Robert and Mary

23) Dear Mrs. Jones / Dear Mr. Smith

Match sentences with their uses.

1 a future fact -25

2 an opinion about the future -28

3 an instant decision - 24

4 a future plan or intention -26

5 a prediction with evidence in the present situation -27

6 a future arrangement -29

24) I'm sorry to hear that. I'll find out what the problem is right now.

25) I'm going to ask my boss for a pay rise next week

26) I'm meeting Julia for lunch. Do you want to join us?

27) Their share price will probably rise when the market recovers

28) With so much competition it's going to be difficult to increase sales.

29) I'm sorry but I won't be here tomorrow. I'll be in London

The words SORT, KIND, TYPE could be used to complete many of the questions below. Naturally enough ,though, we have a number of other words which might be used. USE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING WORDS TO COMPLETE THE SENTENCE:





30) What ..........breed......of dog is least trouble to look after?

31) Is she a person of mixed......race......?

32) What salary most teachers fall into?

33) What ...form........of corporal punishment do you personally hate most?

34) What ......brand.......... of detergent do you use?

35) Which...grade.........of petrol do you use?

36) What most of the unemployed in ?

37) Which .....branch......of Accounting is she studying?

1) Formulati un raspuns scurt la urmatoarea intrebare:

Would you join the army? Yes, I would

2) Grammar: Yes / No questions and answers

Formulati un raspuns scurt la urmatoarea intrebare

Were you living in Bucharest at the time?

No, I wasn t

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