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Management Incentive program


Management Incentive program

Loredana Antonescu


Duration: August - September 2008

Bonus: 3000 RON, payable on the beginning of September and October for 100% achievement of the criteria

Evaluation: All projects will less than 50% completion will be considered "not-done". All other projects will carry a w 252y241c eighted average.


Projects (75%)


  1. Ensure that at lease 1000 "somatie" are introduced in courts by end of September for Orange DP2
  2. Implement good cop / bad cop teams in DP BCR teams (formalized labeling of the accounts; ideally including listening the "bad" call in advance). At least 300 accounts processed formally under this strategy
  3. Develop strategy based on debtor job and employer (coordinate with the other "employer" driven initiatives in other teams). At least 50 employers targeted.
  4. Finalize work queue project: monitoring report by end of September (worked accounts vs total open accounts; time to work the accounts in queue?; SR by queue?; overall increase in SR? vs previous months?; overall increase in team productivity?)


  1. Negotiation training for experienced collectors (training company to be selected by end of September):
    • 1 sesiune de brainstorming si shares best practice cu specialistii si high perfomers din echipele de banking DP
    • De stabilit teme de discutie cu firma externa care va sustine training: pregatire materiale interne
  1. Refreshment training pentru imbunatatirea calitatii. Din sit-inuri se vor identifica 2-3 aspecte de imbunatatit si se vor organiza sesiuni de refreshment in echipe. Target: 2 sesiuni pe luna.
  2. Promovabiliate 100% a grupei noi:  media 9.
  3. Implementare concursuri cu premii pt. grupele din training (+ alte initiative energizare noi angajati)


People (25%)

  • Increase productivity for all DP teams to at least 40% in August and 43% in September. All early collection teams should have productivity of at least 45%.
  • All calls evaluation performed timely and introduced in the evaluation database
  • All quarterly evaluation (Q2) prepared and discussed timely

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