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How the modern world has been influenced by the biology, cultures and history of humans?


How the modern world has been influenced by the biology, cultures and history of humans?

The base of modern world

History is the base of modern world. History created science. Science created development. But, history and science were written by charachters and civilisations: egypttyans, romans, Napoleon, Hitler or Martin Luther King.

Greatest civilisations

The world has changed. Sound's like a cliche, but this cliche has every reason to be told to the people. It is a fact. Indeed, the world has changed and so have we. The science, biology, history, everything have sufferd a lot of changes among time. This is a usual cicle, the natural development of the Earth and it's human beeing. The egytpains made the pyramids. 939j95j In Ancient Egypt, a pyramid was referred to as "mer", literally, "place of ascendance." Well, the egyptians had a great vision of the future. Without beeing helped by machines, they managed to earn a place in history pages. They have inspired the modern world and theese days, many replicates of the pyramids can be watched all over the world: From France to Canada, and USA. Paris has Louvre museum. In Las Vegas, the americans made a hotel named Luxor. It looks just like a pyramid. In Long Beach, California, people can admire a modern replica of the egyptains pyramids. They have inspierd us, they gave a good and normal sense to development. They gave us "a place of ascendance". The examples are more, much more. We can talk about Roman Empire and it's army. The roman legions taught a very important war lesson to all armyes: organization. On this base, the republic of Rome becomend the Great Roman Empire who dominated the world. Roman expansion began in the days of the Republic, but reached its zenith under Emperor Trajan. At this territorial peak, the Roman Empire controlled approximately 5,900,000 km² of land surface. Because of the Empire's vast extent and long endurance, Roman influence upon the language, religion, architecture, philosophy, law and government of nations around the world lasts to this day. A great civilation, an example of great visions.

The genius - Bonaparte and Hitler

After the Great Empire of Rome, history offered us two genius, Napoleon and Hitler. Bought of them inspired their's nations to follow them. Bonaparte was born in Corsica and trained in mainland France as an artillery officer, he first rose to prominence as a general of the French Revolution, leading several successful campaigns against the First Coalition and the Second Coalition arrayed against France. In late 1799, Napoleon staged a coup d'état and installed himself as First Consul; five years later he became the Emperor of the French. In the first decade of the nineteenth century, he turned the armies of France against almost every major European power, dominating continental Europe through a lengthy streak of military victories-epitomized through battles such as Austerlitz and Friedland-and through the formation of extensive alliance systems. He appointed close friends and several members of his family as monarchs and important government figures of French-dominated states. His war strategies has earned a place in war books. He disastrous French invasion of Russia in 1812 marked a turning point in Napoleon's fortunes. The campaign wrecked the Grande Armée, which never regained its previous strength. In October 1813, the Sixth Coalition defeated his forces at Leipzig and then invaded France. The coalition forced Napoleon to abdicate in April 1814, exiling him to the island of Elba. Less than a year later, he returned to France and regained control of the government in the Hundred Days (les Cent Jours) prior to his final defeat at Waterloo on 18 June 1815. Napoleon spent the remaining six years of his life under British supervision on the island of St. Helena. Napoleon developed relatively few military innovations, although his placement of artillery into batteries and the elevation of the army corps as the standard all-arms unit have become accepted doctrines in virtually all large modern armies. He drew his best tactics from a variety of sources and scored several major victories with a modernized and reformed French army. His campaigns are studied at military academies all over the world and he is widely regarded as one of history's greatest commanders. Aside from his military achievements, Napoleon is also remembered for the establishment of the Napoleonic Code (Code Napoléon), which laid the bureaucratic foundations for the modern French state.

A charachter almost like Bonaparte was Hitler, "the sick genius". Just like Napoleon, he becamed the voice of nation, the leader. He used the power of speech and controled Germany and the army of Germany. He is known as "evil". The fact are saying that, but, he gained a place in history books. He was a genios of speech and manipulation. Adolf Hitler was an Austrian-born politician who led the National Socialist German Workers Party. He became Chancellor of Germany on January 30, 1933 and Führer in 1934. He ruled until 1945. The Nazi Party gained power during Germany's period of crisis after World War I, exploiting effective propaganda and Hitler's charismatic oratory to gain popularity. The Party emphasised nationalism, antisemitism and anti-communism, and killed many of its opponents. After the restructuring of the state economy and the rearmament of the German armed forces (Wehrmacht), a dictatorship (commonly characterized as totalitarian or fascist) was established by Hitler, who then pursued an aggressive foreign policy, with the goal of seizing Lebensraum. The German Invasion of Poland in 1939 drew the British and French Empires into World War II. The Wehrmacht was initially successful and the Axis Powers occupied most of Mainland Europe and parts of Asia. Eventually the Allies defeated the Wehrmacht. By 1945, Germany was in ruins. Hitler's bid for territorial conquest and racial subjugation had caused the deaths of tens of millions of people, including the systematic genocide of an estimated six million Jews, not including various other "undesirable" populations, in what is known as the Holocaust.

The king of speech

Far away from Europe, we find Marthin Luther King. He had a dream. He had a dream of free world, of liberty and equality between rases. He was one of the pivotal leaders of the American civil rights movement. King was a Baptist minister, one of the few leadership roles available to black men at the time. He became a civil rights activist early in his career. He led the Montgomery Bus Boycott (1955-1956) and helped found the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (1957), serving as its first president. His efforts led to the 1963 March on Washington, where King delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech. Here he raised public consciousness of the civil rights movement and established himself as one of the greatest orators in U.S. history. In 1964, King became the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to end segregation and racial discrimination through civil disobedience and other non-violent means. King was assassinated on April 4, 1968. He was murdered, but his spirit is still living.

Where are we going?

The 19 century, is one of the most importnat in the history. We had two world wars, we descovered television, ampiciline, insuline, cocaine, heroine, football, computers, internet. Good and bad things. I'm asking myself how the world will look like in 2050, 2600, 3000. Our forefathers gave us the pyramids, Colloseum from Rome or secret strategies of war.They have gained a place in history books. It is now in our hands to do the same.

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