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YCC Cam Cap Help


YCC Cam Cap Help

YCC Cam Cap is a program that automatically saves both inbound and outbound Yahoo! Messenger webcam streams to an AVI file. YCC Cam Cap performs this by taking individual screen shots of the Yahoo! Messenger webcam control and saving them into a video file on your hard drive. YCC Cam Cap is not selective in the webcam streams it captures but saves any webcam control located on the desktop. This process is carried out automatically behind the scenes so that when a new webcam window is opened, a new file is created and when a webcam window is closed the file is finalized. As long as you have a powerful enough machine, YCC Cam Cap is capable of saving an almost unlimited number of webcam windows at the same time and in real time.

Quick Start

  1. Open YCC Camp Cap
  2. Press Start Capture to begin capturing Yahoo! Messenger webcam windows. An AVI file will be automatically created and finalized as webcam windows are opened and closed.
  3. Press Stop All to stop any current captures.

Detailed Function

  1. Start Capture - This button starts the search for new Yahoo! Messenger windows. An AVI file will be automatically created and finalized as webcam windows are opened and closed.
  2. Stop All - Stops all current captures and stops the search for new webcam windows.
  3. Capture Directory - This is the directory where the webcam captures will be saved. The default directory is the program startup directory.
  4. Browse - Click this button to select a new Capture Directory.
  5. Current Streams - This shows all the captures initiated during the current session.
    1. Status - Captures are show by either a red or green ball. A red ball indicates that a capture is currently taking place. A green ball is a capture that has already been completed. A stream will turn from red to green when a webcam window has been closed and the AVI has been finalized.
    2. Stream Name - This is the unique name given to each AVI file. The name is generated from the webcam user name and time that the capture was started. If two captures with the same name are initiated at the same time, an extra field will be added to distinguish the two files.
    3. Direction - This indicates if the webcam is outgoing (my webcam) or incoming (someone else's webcam). A ">" indicated outgoing and "<" indicated incoming.
  6. Capture My Webcam - This is an option to search for your own webcam and start a capture.
  7. Capture Incoming Webcam - This is an option to search for incoming webcams and start a capture.
  8. Search Webcam Windows (sec) - This is the number of seconds that YCC Cam Cap will search the windows on your system for new webcam windows. The default is 10 seconds and this is generally a good number.
  9. Capture Rate (sec) - This is the frame rate of the AVI to be captured. The default is 3 and generally should not be changed. The average Yahoo! webcam operates at between 1 and 3 frames per second (fps). Increasing this value will cause excessive processor time with marginal benefits.
  10. Clear - This clears all entry's in the Current Streams list.
  11. Select CODEC - This allows you to select your video CODEC for the AVIs. The default is Divx if it is installed and CVID if not. Use extreme caution with this feature as YCC Cam Cap is not compatible with many CODECs. If you select a CODEC that is not compatible, you will receive a warning box when you start to capture. If this happens simply select a different CODEC.

Bugs and Gottchas

  • Unable to capture while the webcam control is minimized. Black frames will be recorded into the AVI file.
  • Some CODECs will fail. This is due to a design glitch in the underlying AVI creation code. If you select a CODEC that is not compatible with YCC Cam Cap, you will be prompted to enter a new CODEC.


  • Microsoft .NET 2.0 or later
  • Yahoo! Messenger
  • AVICapture.dll (included)


Main Website -

YCC Cam Cap Source and Design Documents -

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YCC Cam Cap and many other useful programs are housed at Yahoo! Coder's Cookbook ( is the main page for YCC Cam Cap and a forum for YCC Cam Cap is located at Also at Yahoo! Coder's Cookbook is a full tutorial section explaining much of the Yahoo! Messenger protocol, frequently updated blog, other code samples for Yahoo! Messenger, and much more.

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