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Corespondenta precontractuala in activitati de import-export


2. Corespondenta precontractuala in activitati de import-export

2.1. The Inquiry/ Cererea de oferta
2.1.1. Specimen sentences for opening lines / Formulari introductive

- We are importers and exporters specialized in...
- Suntem importatori si exportatori specializati in...

- We hear/understand from Brown&Co.Ltd. that you export...
- Am aflat de la firma Brown&Co.Ltd. ca exportati...

- We are intersting in importig....from you.
- Ne intereseaza sa la dv.

- We have seen your advertisement in "Evenimentul"
- Am vazut anuntul dv. in ziarul "Evenimentul"

- Following our conversation with your representative...
- In urma conversatiei noastre cu reprezentantul dv...

2.1.2. Specimen sentences expressing a request of quotations, offers, price-lists, prospectuses, patterns / Formulari pentru cereri de cotatii, oferte, liste de preturi, prospecte, mostre

- Please quote on the following items/goods
- Va rugam sa ne transmiteti cotatiile pentru urmatoarele marfuri

- We should be grateful if you would send us your catalogues/ price-lists/ patterns
- V-am fi recunoscatori daca ne-ati trimite catalogul dv/ listele de preturi/ mostrele

- Kindly quote 232d311c us your lowest (best, keenest, most advantageous) prices for the goods listed below...
- Va rugam sa ne cotati preturile dv. cele mai scazute/avantajoase pentru marfurile din lista de mai jos

2.1.3. Specimen sentences which refer to prospects for fruitful business relations Formulari referitoare la perspectivele unor tranzactii fructuoase

- If your quality comes up to our expectations, we shall be able to do good business to mutual advantage.
- Daca marfurile dv. au o calitate ce se ridica la inaltimea asteptarilor noastre, vom putea face tranzactii avantajoase reciproc.

- As we anticipate a considerable demand for this line of goods, we should require a special discount.
- Intrucat anticipam o cerere masiva pentru aceasta gama de produse , v-am solicita un rabat special.

- If you can supply right away from stock, we would be prepared to place an initial order at once.
- Daca puteti livra direct din stoc, am fi dispusi sa va trimitem imediat o comanda initiala.

2.1.4. Concluding sentences/ Formulari de incheiere
- We are looking forward to your quotations
- Asteptam cu nerabdare cotatiile dv.

- We thank you in anticipation of a prompt reply.
- Va multumim in asteptarea unui raspuns prompt.

- Your prompt reply will be appreciated.
- V-am fi recunoscatori pentru un raspuns prompt.

2.1.5. Specimen sentences used in replies to inquiries/ Formulari utilizate in raspunsul la cererea de oferta
- We are pleased to receive your letter in reply to our advertisement in....
- Ne-a facut placere sa primim scrisoarea dv. ca raspuns la reclama noastra din...
- Your inquiry is receiving our careful attention and we hope to be able to send you our quotation soon.
- Cererea dv. de oferta e in centrul atentiei noastre si speram sa va putem trimite curand cotatia noastra.
- We express our regret that we are unable to accept deliveries within the time required by you.
- Ne exprimam regretul ca nu putem accepta livrari pentru perioada solicitata de dv.

2.2. The Offer/ Oferta
2.2.1. Specimen sentences for opening lines/ Formulari introductive Solicited offer/ Oferta solicitata
Many thanks for your / Va multumim pentru:
- Inquiry of... Cererea dv. de oferta din...
- letter of... asking/ inquiring about... scrisoarea dv. din...
- interest in our products-interesul dv. in produsele noastre
As per/ in compliance with / In conformitate cu
- your verbal inquiry of this morning - cererea dv. verbala din aceasta dimineata
- your request.... - cererea dv....
- your desire... - dorinta dv... Interview offer (at the recommentadion of...)/ Oferta la recomandarea...

We have been informed by Messrs.../ Am fost informati de firma...
- that you are interested in...- ca sunteti interesati de...
- that you are buyers of ... - ca sunteti cumparatori de...
- that you are doing a considerable trade in...- ca lucrati intens cu... Unsolicited offer / Oferta nesolicitata
You will be interested to hear...Veti fi interesati sa aflati ca...
In order to acquaint you with our goods...Pentru a va familiariza cu marfurile noastre...
To maintain/restore our relations...Pentru a mentine/restabili relatiile nostre...

2.2.2. Specimen sentences for the message of the letter/ Formulari specifice mesajului scrisorii Referring to samples, catalogues/ Referitor la mostre, cataloage
By today's cover we are sending you/ Prin posta de astazi va trimitem
- our best quotation....oferta nostra cea mai buna
- our latest price-list....ultima noastra lista de preturi
- our catalogue...catalogul nostru
- samples and prices...mostre si preturi
- a set of patterns...un set de modele Referring to quality/ Referitor la calitate
The samples we sent/enclosed with no doubt convince you of/ Mostrele remise/ anexate va vor convinge fara indoiala de
- the excellent quality of our goods...calitatea exceptionala a marfii noastre
- the modern design of our modern al produselor ...
- the excellent adaptability of our products to special conditions...capacitatea excelenta de adaptare a produselor noastre la conditii speciale... Referring to price and terms of payment/ Referitor la pret si conditii de plata
Our terms of payment are/Conditiile nostre de plata sunt:
- net cash....plata in numerar la valoarea neta;
- spot cash...plata imediata in numerar;
- cash against acceptance...plata in numerar contra acceptare (de documente);
- cash against documents...plata in numerar contra prezentarii de documente;
- cash on delivery...plata in numerar la livrare;
- cash with order...plata in numerar la ordin;
- cash within 10 days...plata in numerar in 10 zile;
- 90 days' 90 de zile Concluding sentences

We shall be pleased/glad/we hope/ Vom fi incantati/speram
- to receive an order from primim o comanda de la dv.
- to have your confirmation primim curand confirmarea dv.
- to meet your va satisfacem cerintele dv.
- to hear from you soon... sa primim curand vesti de la dv.

2.3. The Order/ Comanda

2.3.1.Specimen sentences for opening lines/ Formulari introductive
Please/Kindly - Va rugam
- supply at once/ livrati imediat
- send us by ne trimiteti cu intoarcerea postei...
- dispose an early forwarding/shipment dispuneti imediat expedierea/ transportul...

2.3.2. Quantity and quality/ Cantitatea si calitatea
Please take care that the quality / Referitor la calitate, va rugam sa aveti grija:
- (should) match/ be in accordance with the sample/ se potriveasca/ sa fie conforma mostrei/esantionului;
- should completely answer our purpose/ sa raspunda pe deplin scopului nostru
- should be the same as the last delivery/sa fie aceeasi ca la ultima livrare.

2.3.3. Prices, reductions/ Preturi, reduceri
We must point out that the highest price - Trebuie sa precizam ca pretul cel mai mare...
- we can afford to pay care ne putem permite sa-l platim este...
- we can go to care ne putem urca este...
We find the price satisfactory, but we should like to know if you could grant us a 5% discount for a quantity of over...Consideram pretul convenabil, dar am dori sa stim daca ati putea acorda un rabat de 5 % pentru o cantitate de peste...

2.3.4. The delivery/ Livrarea
Please kindly forward/dispatch the goods/Va rugam sa ne expediati marfurile:
- immediately/ at once...imediat/de indata;
- at your earliest convenience...imediat ce puteti;
- upon receipt of this primirea acestei comenzi
- by the end of the month...pana la sfarsitul lunii;
- without delay, according to... fara intarziere, in conformitate cu...

2.3.5. Concluding sentences/ Formulari de incheiere
Please /Kindly acknowledge/confirm receipt of our order and give it your best attention...Va rugam sa confirmati primirea comenzii noastre si sa-i acordati cea mai mare atentie.

2.3.6. Rejecting an offer/ Respingerea unei oferte
Thank you for your offer of May 3rd. Much to our regret, we have no demand for this article at the moment so we must/have to/are compelled to decline it/turn it down....Multumim pentru oferta dv. din 3 mai. Spre marele nostru regret, in momentul de fata nu avem nevoie de acest articol, asa ca trebuie/ suntem nevoiti sa o respingem.

2.3.7. Cancelling an order/ Anularea unei comenzi
Please cancel our order No...of 5 May, for...and send exchange...Va rugam sa anulati comanda noastra nr...din data de 5 mai sa ne trimiteti in schimb...

2.3.8. Acknowledgement of Orders/ Confirmarea comenzii
We acknowledge with thanks receipt of your order No...for... Confirmam cu multumiri primirea comenzii dv Nr..pentru...

We are glad to open up business relations with you...
Ne bucuram sa initiem relatii de afaceri cu dv....

2.4 Tranzactiile comerciale internationale
Modalitatile de plata folosite de regula in tranzactiile comerciale internationale sunt:

2.4.1. The documentary letter of credit L/C (acreditivul documentar)
Reprezinta o metoda prin care un importator (importer), prin intermediul unei banci se angajeaza sa plateasca unui exportator (exporter) suma convenita, cu conditia sa fie indeplinite anumite cerinte. The Revocable Credit / Acreditivul revocabil
This credit is subject to revocation or modification at any time without notice to you. This advice conveys no engagement on our part and is simply for your guidance in preparing and presenting drafts and documents / Acest acreditiv este posibil de a fi revocat sau modificat in orice moment fara a va notifica pe dv. Acest aviz nu implica nici un angajament din partea noastra si este doar pentru orientarea dv. in pregatirea si prezentarea de trate si documente. The Irrevocable Credit / Acreditivul irevocabil
We hereby agree with the drawers, endorsers and bonafide holders of drafts drawn under and in compliance with the terms of this credit, that such drafts will be duly honored on due presentation to the drawees, if negotiated on or presented to the drawees together with this Letter of Credit or before that date / Prin prezenta, asiguram tragatorii, girantii si detinatorii de buna credinta de trate trase in cadrul si in concordanta cu conditiile prezentului acreditiv, ca astfel de trate vor fi onorate la timp la prezentarea lor in buna regula trasilor, daca sunt negociate la sau anterior datei de expirare sau prezentate trasilor impreuna cu acest acreditiv la sau inaintea acelei date. The Irrevocable Confirmed Credit / Acreditiv irevocabil confirmat
The above mentioned issuing bank engages with you that all drafts drawn under and in compliance with the terms of this credit will be duly honoured, on delivery of documents as specified, if presented at this office on or before the expiry date indicated above. We confirm the credit and thereby undertake that all drafts drawn and presented as above specified will be duly honored by us. / Mai sus mentionata banca emitenta se angajeaza fata de dv. ca toate tratele trase in cadrul si in conformitate cu conditiile acestui acreditiv vor fi onorate la timp, la prezentarea documentelor precum se specifica, daca se prezinta la acest oficiu la data sau inainte de data expirarii indicata mai sus. Confirmam acreditivul si prin prezenta ne angajam ca toate tratele trase si prezentate cum se mentioneaza mai sus vor fi onorate la timp de noi. The Irrevocable Advised Credit / Acreditivul irevocabil avizat
The above mentioned issuing bank engages with you that all drafts drawn under and in compliance with the terms of this credit will be duly honored, on delivery of documents as specified, if presented at this office on or before the expiry date indicated above. This letter is solely an advice of credit opened by the above mentioned issuing bank and conveys no engagement by us. / Mai sus mentionata banca emitenta se angajeaza fata de dv. ca toate tratele trase in cadrul si in concordanta cu conditiile acestui acreditiv vor fi onorate la timp, la prezentarea documentelor precum se specifica, daca se prezinta la acest oficiu la data sau inainte de data de expirare indicata mai sus. Aceasta scrisoare este doar o avizare a acreditivului deschis de mai sus mentionata banca emitenta si nu contine vreun angajament din partea noastra.

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